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We're zombies of the city. We feed on LTE. We're everywhere, alone together, staring into glowing rectangles. Feed us

*refreshes timeline*

Google has started signing people in to Chrome without asking if they sign in to any google site like gmail or YouTube.

That leaves you one click away from uploading all your browsing data to Google.


Finally got all my work done, I'm ready for the weekend! Alright!

...Nevermind, it's 1 AM and another week of pain starts in only 6 hours X(

So um...I got this....

Drawn by:

I'm gonna say it:

Peach and Bowser make a much cuter couple than Peach and Mario. Also, Bowser is a good dad to Bowser Jr.

the biggest problem with politics is incompetence i s2g

incompetent people are easy to manipulate and lobby

optimus prime really represents the change in optimus at any given moment

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