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do you think when a parent gets you a piece of clothing and then when you visit them or whatever you're wearing it, its just like when you see your animal crossing villagers wearing the stuff you gave them

imagine if we never opened peter molyneux's cube, we might never have all the stupid shit hes done, including btw selling a weird NFT game thing for £40m.

you know that shite patter thats like "oh you're a comedian? tell me a joke then!" why have i never heard someone reply with "mate im off the clock right now if you laugh at anything i say thats theft and ill fucking have you arrested you cunt"

nothing inspires more fear than someone saying "DID YOU JUST USE A FORK ON MY NON STICK PAN?!"

shoutout to everyone with a fridge whats up fridgeheads!

im going to get diagrams of proteins printed on my shirts so if someone misfolds them they DIE!

if i hit myself while stimming is that accidental slapstick comedy

better a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.

a very wise quote, which is backed up by the fact that samwise gamgee absolutely wrecked shop

i just saw this gif of a reindeer running and keeping up with a train:

and thats impressive and all but all i can think of is that reindeer being like "HEY GET BACK HERE YOU OWE ME $15"

is it ethically justifiable to jump out of my second story window onto an old lady like a wrestler doing one of those dives off the corner of the wrestling ring if she was harassing the bin men and calling them lazy

edit: oh im a big lad at 270 pounds if that changes the ethics of the matter at all

idk if i've ever shared this but i had to pull off the heist of the century

my boyfriend and i both sleep with plushies, at some point during the night, i dropped mine and it got absorbed into his plushie stack, i woke up and noticed my plushie was missing and then realised it was in his arms, so i had to pull of a LEGENDERY fucking heist to slowly extract my plushie from my sleeping boyfriends arms without waking him up

i did it and rescued my plushie without waking him up and honestly i've never nat20'd something so hard

people be posting pictures in front of a house they've bought being like "i've made it" and here i am looking at a fridge full of food i like and im like "i've made it"

hatsune miku was released on the 31st of august 2007, shes meant to be 16, this means that she was born on august 31st 1991, making her 30 this year

happy birthday!

what if your life was an elaborate jerma bit

name ONE THING that adding butter to doesn't make it better

i'll wait

im using a fan in november because i love the sensation so much help

do you think it was non-binary people who invented quantum computing

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