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weird, tokophobia 

@Cabtcougalope well, if you are a chimera you'll be pleased to know that international law forbids your creation.

weird, tokophobia 

@Cabtcougalope wouldn't that make you a chimera

Oh fuck i forgot about this and they did keep my £200, shit lol

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if i have a frog as a sona, does that make me a scaley, a furry, or a amphibiany? WHAT DOES THIS MAKE YOU?! WHAT LABEL EXISTS FOR THIS I HAVE TO KNOW

@Cabtcougalope imagine drinking cocaine to stay alive

srsly though when i swapped from drinking cola every day to carbonated water with a sweetener with a 1/20th of the sugar, it was an unbelievable difference.

doctors must get so pissed at people these days

"doing lots of drugs and weed could shorten your lifespan!"

"fuck yeah i wish for the sweet release of death"

"your quality of life will go down in the meantime!"

"lol i challenge it to go any lower"

"you wont be able to afford it!"

"cheap drugs online for monero baby YEAH!"

musing about death threats 

i remember, back when i was a cunt playing world of warcraft i got very violent death threats constantly, like some fucking hardcore shit someone REALLY poured their heart and soul into.

years later, when i was working with alt+h i got a death threat that just said "pass away" and that is the funniest shit i've ever seen in my life, like they couldn't even muster up the slightest bit of vitriol for what wasn't even a death threat it was more of a request really.


The most embarassing moment of my entire life is when i thought non-con meant non conventional, and i was in a HUGE arguement with lots of (important to my career at the time) people about how there was nothing wrong with non-con

until someone finally said the full thing and i was like OH. OH! OH.... fuck

Watching the people who i consider to be my own age-group get old is more a slap in the face about getting old and mortality than me getting old, even if you include the various random health problems that crop up as you age

day 5,018,750,000,000ish +/- 40,150,000,000ish of cows being a good idea

nsfw, tokophobia 

chaotic evil Mpreg is the vaginal impregnation of a cis woman

do you think i could convince the machine elves to invade

alright fuckers welcome to however long this takes: can werewolves die from fall damage if they are immune to non-magical weapons

the answer is: yes, yes they can, the way i view the consistent logic behind magic in the D&D universe is that the lycanthropy curse is trying to keep you alive, and in this is has "cant be hurt by normal weapons" programmed into its being, if this effect takes the form of the werewolf in question being resilient to those weapons, like having unbreakable skin, or (in my opinion) the more logical assumption being that it is a magical protection against those weapons (a barbarian with a massive hammer cant hurt you either) and because its magical protection against WEAPONS falling from a great height isn't included in that, and so if you fall 1000 feet you'll be turned into strawberry jam just like a regular humanoid would be. In a way falling damage can be seen as divine damage because its one of the rules of the universe: gravity is a bitch.

does anyone else feel like if you went into a board room meeting with like, a ton of old rich white dudes and put up a graph of a line going down they would like, turn into shit flinging monkeys and just start animalisticly destroying their fancy boardroom table, because i really feel like thats what would happen.

hot take 

im actually glad elon musk bought twitter, i have no doubt he'll run it into the fucking ground and society will be free of its influence, at what point did we all decide it would be a good idea to make it all serious with politicians and shit on it?! fuck that.

dark humor, suicide 

i was just told peoples heartrates can work to match that of the music one is listening to, armed with this knowledge, now know that if i ever want to kill myself i'll just listen to dragonforce at 2x speed and explode my own heart

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