by the way, just incase anyone hasnt seen it, heres my absolute all time favorite cow video

trying to give myself a blood tranfusion in a video game and the game wanted me to use the "eat " button, not activate, if you use the activate button you drink the blood.....


has anyone ever put flavoured lube on the top of a dick, and then another flavour right below that ring of flavour, and then you do that until you have 5 flavours to recreate the fruit pastiles ice lollies (see image)

has your future been squombled? then i have great news for you, for the low low price of 17 colour corrected lasange jpgs you too can be unsquombled! See the images attatched to observe squombled vs unsquombled

gross, fetish i guess?, therefor nsfw i guess 

i have never been more dissapointed in my entire life

tfw a game asks if you are sure you want to take this course of action

this is the owl i got from the museum in Edinburgh, his name is professor hoots, he has a PhD in Ac-hoot-stics and his thesis was on hoots

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