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Edgeworth: there is no generalised equasion for the perimeter of an ellipse unlike a circle which has a generalised equasion!

Phoenix: hold it! I have a piece of evidence that shows that a circle DOES NOT have a generalised equasion!

The court: WTF, but its mathematical fact! what is this evidence?!

Phoenix: Why your honor, its pi itself!

The court: *shits*

Edgeworth: what is this nonsense? how does any of that work?

Phoenix: because you see, Pi is an irriational number based off of the circle itself and this shows that if you were to make an individual "pi" for any ellipse you'd get the same precision! Therefor it cannot be generalised! my client is innocent!

The court: *shits itself again*


my jokes suck

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Phoenix wright third game spoilers 

watching a playthrough of the third phoenix wright game and godot went from standard villain to absolutely fuck you cunt the second he started being a sexist cunt to franziska von karma

"but you bet 6,000 happy meals on it!" "That wasn't gambling, that was parting a fool from his money"

no i wont give any context

in resident evil 2 nemesis has his coat destroyed and he turns up later with his coat intact, does he have coat regeneration too or does he have to off-screen find a new coat that fits his 7ft 5 ass

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my review for corruption of champions 2:

none of this is in the bible.

the most embarassed i've ever been is when my dad decided to sign up for a company credit card in a queue with like 10 people behind us

i've asked him why, and he doesn't remember it happening, i think he doesn't want to admit it ever happened because of the shame

i need to update my will to have it so "surely liking this tweet cant be that bad"
is put onto my tombstone

can you imagine the tension of a casual first date where both people wear a "i fuck on the first date" shirt

you never quite appreciate how deep you are into something until some absurd line like "look out, is a chicken flavored cereal bar!" becomes a massive revelation that shakes the plot to its very foundations

i want to meet henry macaroon the inventor of the macaroon, like, how did they come up with that shit its amazing

only in cataclysm dark days ahead can you get down from the radio tower you were using to survey the landscape on to be jumped by a triceratops and then you beat it to death with the greatmace you made from duct taping tons of pipe fittings together

did i mention my character is a cow man, so in this scenario a cow man was fighting a triceratops with a pipefittings mace.

if you're trans and dont have levels in tailoring im really curious as to where you get your clothes

ill die on the hill that hylians are elves

danganrompa 1 spoilers 

chihiro dying was a real gut punch, why cant they kill off a character i would be happy to see dead, if they dont kill one of the assholes in this chapter im going to shit my entire face

danganrompa 1 spoilers 

that was quick

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i like to think angus from animal crossing would also help me take the ring to mount doom

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