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A thing that has been suggested to UK peeps to help out - write to your MP to pressure the UK government to stop exporting rubber bullets, tear gas and riot shields (which the UK exports *a lot of*) to the US:

Find your MP:

Template (vary some of this so it doesn't get automatically filtered out):

im devastated that kerbal space program 2 is delayed to 2021, but i guess its better to be finished than rushed and broken at launch

give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, give a man a choc ice, you feed him for a lifetime.

you know, you cant use the dragonballs to kill someone but you certainly can put them in a situation that will get them killed, thats exactly what happened to freiza he was left with a SSJ goku and an exploding planet hes just lucky he survived


the most intense anime moment ever was the 5 episodes where yugi dueled pegasus and i wont hear otherwise

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im starting a subculture called sincerecore where we all just like things

joking about sexisim 

if there such a thing as real estate, does that mean theres fake estate?

what is it with bi people and lemon bars??? i dont understand

does anyone else act like a complete asshole when someone says "forget everything you know about X" and they're like "ok so this thing has 3 properties that you should know about" what thing? what is that? i've never heard of that before in my life!

because i do, and you cant stop me

gross, but a science question. 

i had a dream that my boyfriend bought me 20 pounds(the weight) of fish and paid 20 pounds (the currency) for it and slammed the door in the drivers face, and when they told me i was like "YOU PAID HOW MUCH?!" and then the cops turned up and were like ma'am (misgendering my boyfriend??) you need to pay £1000 for 20 pounds of fish which he refused to believe and went to jail for it forever

the fuck


if you really think about it, a literal self-made man is horrifying

what happens to your starsign stuff if you're born on mars

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