you know whats so genius about "and now a pinch of this" is that if you are a larger individual like myself, that pinch is more balancing out giving yourself more for a bigger portion

its genius

i love that the word hentai literally means pervert

anyone remember when you were off school and were like yas i can watch homes under the hammer


if you had a girlfriend who was also a catgirl, would she be your catgirl girlfriend, your catgirlfriend, or your cat girlfriend?


dark, suicide, sort of a joke 

If you are someone who abuses staff just because they made a mistake, fuck you.


has anyone ever caught and chased a cat that didnt want to be caught outdoors? they are fast

just straight up bitrching about the people i care about who are my only followers but i need an outlet 


i think i've accepted that as a fat geeky white guy with a college education that i am like other girls, and im ok with that

who the fuck insured jarassiac park in the "new" jarassiac park movie, who fucking looked at that risk assessment and was like, sounds legit.

the true lovecraftian horror is when mord says "we need more mayo"

i just saw a comedian say "theres less than 100 clowns registered in britian, this leads to the horrifying realisation that theres such a thing as an unregistered clown"

why.....why does yu gi oh have so many lovecraft themes that im only picking up now that im doing a deep dive on lovecraft lore

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