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Edgeworth: there is no generalised equasion for the perimeter of an ellipse unlike a circle which has a generalised equasion!

Phoenix: hold it! I have a piece of evidence that shows that a circle DOES NOT have a generalised equasion!

The court: WTF, but its mathematical fact! what is this evidence?!

Phoenix: Why your honor, its pi itself!

The court: *shits*

Edgeworth: what is this nonsense? how does any of that work?

Phoenix: because you see, Pi is an irriational number based off of the circle itself and this shows that if you were to make an individual "pi" for any ellipse you'd get the same precision! Therefor it cannot be generalised! my client is innocent!

The court: *shits itself again*


my jokes suck

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is otis from barnyard a futa cow

i like to think im not a vengeful person but i would still powerbomb the fucker who ninja looted my helm of might from garr in molten core in 2005 through a table

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got this weird glitch on my birth certificate where instead of noting my gender, it seems the doctor attempted to pay their respects

we stan drunkly sending letters to your animal crossing villagers telling them you love them and that they're awesome, waking up the next morning and them all sending you letters back saying you're a good novelist

its fucked that androids 17 and 18 were infact cyborgs(but get called androids), but android 16 was infact an android

i dont even know if the racism for that has a word yet

if you think about it, the plot of diehard and having the landlord round to do an inspection is basically the same

companies are like von neuman probes but for money, they'll destroy absolutely everything to convert it into money and then eat themselves once the entire universe has been turned into money

2022 is gluemans year, come back here on december 31st 2022

@haskal witch hat hacker, i like that name, good job.


if you use maths right, you'll absolutely drown in a mountain of sexyfuck for looking really smart


femtoparsecs is what you'd probably have to use, that makes it sound big!

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if i measure my dick in parsecs will i have to use prefix units so small people will think they're infact big

its weird that jerma's gambling addiction led to him having to be a catboy for 2 days

i had a fever dream a killer fridge was after me, i'd like to see neurologists explain that!

i just saw on reddit the idea that alongside callerID, you get caller justification with the reason why they're calling. i would love that.

i too clear all my debuffs when i drink an entire bucket of milk

with machine learning we can finally learn the optimal strategy to battleship

do you ever think we maybe make things too powerful for us to use?

its weird how the earth is pure belting it around the sun like nobodies business

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