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Hello everyone. Trying out this federated social network thing as an alternative to Twitter, because I am not a big fan of all the EvilCorps™ that reign the interwebs today.

I'll probably begin by cross-posting whatever I publish over there, just to get an idea of how things work here.

Anyway here's a pic of one of my modded Game Boys.


Just beat 'The Touryst' by Shin'en Multimedia. The puzzles require exactly the right amount of problem-solving skills. Also, the gorgeous voxel-inspired graphics really stand out. Just look at it!

Made it through Legend of Grimrock tonight. It's a nice modern step-by-step dungeon crawler, but it has its flaws. Personally, I think I might have preferred turn-based combat. Still it's a great experience and a big achievement for the small indie dev-team. 👍

Turns out the new movie really is Star Wars for adults. Can't recommend it enough!

I actually like the Vita but more often than not, it seems that the system lacks the necessary performance to really deliver smooth and consistent frame pacing, paired with responsive controls. What a bummer...

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Just tried out my newly acquired physical copy of Bastion for . It targets 60 fps but very rarely gets there. Input lag is not an issue as with Ratchet & Clank, but it's a pretty inconsistent experience. Meh... I'd rather play it on PC or Xbox then...

Not a big fan of games where I'm constantly told what to do. Go there, kill all enemies, fetch me 10 dead chickens... Other M is one of these games. I thought, Samus was a bounty hunter. Why does she have to follow orders? This somehow feels out of character to me ...

So this one from Limited Run Games found its way to me. Should I open and play it or hAvE iT WATA-gRaDEd (!!!!11) to make billions of $$$ ? 😆

Apparently, I dedicated roughly 3 days of my life to Prime Trilogy by
@RetroStudios on . 🤨 I have to say, these games are well-done and gameplay/controls feel truly polished, like if the 3D Prime series was made with the Wiimote in mind! Looking forward to part 4!

Now that I'm on the verge of finally beating the entire Prime Trilogy on , I somewhat prematurely ordered this one only to realize that it has nothing to do with the Prime series at all. 🙄 Guess, I'll give it a shot anyways...

Some day, I hope to make an entire ritual out of it - with japanese tea ceremony levels of ritualness!

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The world has come to a full stop for me when I deep-clean old tech - a very zen-like, almost meditative experience.

Today another local deal showed up and since the seller didn't live far away from me, I thought why not combine this with a nice biking trip. Worst case, I'd get some exercise and save on gas. Took some photos of lost places on the way.

I liked Land 2, but with this one I feel most of the time it's not obvious what to do or where to go next. Also you don't have most of Wario's abilities in the beginning which seems to me like an attempt to be Metroid-like, only it doesn't work.

Today I'm sharing my public retro gaming and tech-related YouTube playlist to which I'll be regularly adding videos which I'm particularly interested in:

Just came across this super-interesting talk by Ben Cox, who devised an automated method to statistically analyze the behavior of ~17.500 different malware samples. Turns out most of these viruses aren't even harmful, but can be rather funny. ❤

Made it through Kirby's Dream Land 2 today. I must say, it has some of the most well-designed and polished boss battles on I have seen up until now.

This thing was part of my latest haul - behold, the Power Grip (by SpeedLink)... I have to say, it sits comfortably in the hand, but I think it looks quite silly. Sadly, it's missing the charger.

Interesting method to measure input lag "manually" in controllers and modern displays using the 240p test suite described by "NerdlyPleasures".

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