"Linux is so easy to learn I don't know why more people dislike the command line..."

@Cellivar when you really get used to Linux, you just end up trying more commands before just giving up and googling it.

@Cellivar this looks like an embedded Linux distro running BusyBox, it's not going to have normal coreutils (and potentially even no help? --help should work)

@Lyude Yeah, I just kind of found the sequence of events to be obnoxious. I've been dealing with translating my Windows internals knowledge into Linux recently and its impressively frustrating the amount of stuff that's expected to be memorized.

This was just nice an emblematic of it.

I ended up having to reflash the os onto the SD card, my raspi likes to eat the filesystem when the power blinks. This is not uncommon in Florida..

@Cellivar I mean, manuals. To be honest-if you have a choice of distro you might be better off using one that is more featured then whatever this is (also, what distro is this?) And what filesystem are you using?

@Lyude it's whatever gets installed to run, I use it to run MQTT for my various home automation needs. It works until it doesn't so I've got it backing up regularly and configurations in git. I'll just reconfigure it all from a backup in the morning.

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