Since seeing this comic a long time ago it has really changed the way I interact with the world around me, I now say "Thank you" rather than "sorry".

I stopped apologising for existing and for taking up space as a result I have stopped minimising myself.

Remember. St Valentine was the patron saint of beekeeping. Celebrate Valentine's day the way it was meant to be celebrated.


"Help! None of my projects want to be SPAs" by Jason Goldstein

I agree with the author that React, unlike Angular or CoffeeScript, seems to have staying power. I think though that React's real innovation is the component model, and there are plenty of other frameworks that have taken that idea and run with it (Vue, Svelte, etc.).


...and we watched the skies darken.

Ultimately, it was the most intense dust storm in recorded Martian history that brought this epic mission to a close.



@nolan Paul Robert Lloyd just noted a dichotomy I've been seeing for a while: there is a relatively large web dev sector outside of the tech co / startup sector that _is_ dominated by the progressive enhancement style of dev. Public sector, education, etc.

I mostly deal with people from the education sector and the expectations there are completely different.

Which is why it's a bit worrying when those who make the tools we use (Chrome, npm, etc.) pretend we don't exist

Made it to Pensacola so far on my drive to the Bay!

I can't sleep because I have so much left to pack and I can't tell my brain that I have plenty of time and most of the remaining stuff is just bulky with the appearance of being a lot of stuff.

So I'm here on my phone trying to be sleepy and failing.

"I can use zip ties for this no problem, it will never come off" --An idiot (me) from a few months ago

This is like the third convention I've had to emergency buy a belt for my tail and fursuit. I really need to just build a Fursuiting kit and keep everything in one place. This is going on the list of projects for after I move.

It's like mid-80s outside and I am so ready to not live in this state anymore. Bring on the life changes in 2019 baby

I have reserved the truck for the move and that makes me feel ~good~

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