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Is it difficult to set up a Mastodon instance with no experience in networking?

What am I doing here? My son is off the big screen tv and in his room and I have Mario Odyssey.

Mastodon, my second book is finished and I'm pushing it out to the formatter this week and then releasing hopefully mid October. I'm also buying a comic shop. I'm ridiculously busy, but know that I love this place, and I'll try to be more active when I can.

I'd been drinking Soylent because it helps with keeping the weight off on these meds. Without them, I start adding pounds. The original isn't that bad of a flavor, however the Coffee flavor soylent is the holocaust of taste. It is the worst fucking flavor imaginable. I don't recommend it.

Take a moment to appreciate Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

I was told there would be an apocalypse today and the guy even said we would all get Raptored. I want my damn Raptors!

In talks about buying a comic shop. This might get exciting.

3 Special Force soldiers killed and 15 others hospitalized after explosion during a training exercise at Fort Bragg.

Wow, I am smarter than Stephen Hawking then.

"Scientists Say That Being Forgetful Is Actually A Sign You Are Unusually Intelligent"

Did you know they trim trees by power-lines with helicopters?

This is the most metal thing I've seen all year.

"I'm not gay but if Buzzfeed says I have to get gay, I want to fuck Aquaman!"

Something small I wrote when my dad was dying of cancer.

"Cancer has my dad and won't let go. Neither will I. Unfortunately, cancer cheats at everything and curls its grip around all the parts of him I can't hug."

The most interesting shit I've read all week: A man called the "Poetry Sleuth" who catches poets that are committing plagiarism.

although I guess it's not water is it.

I strung out on internets. My eyes are red and leaking water.

To beat the high cost of alcohol at a music festival, this guy buried a bottle of vodka on site several weeks before then during the festival used GPS to find the spot and dug up his booze like a fucking pirate.