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Realizing my parents had one of those growing up, but that it involved a wall mount which I can't do in my apartment.

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You know what would be really cool? If I had two linked thermometers, one on my balcony and one inside that would tell me when it was cool enough outside to open the doors and windows. (Without the internet being involved)

As a plural system whose primary computer has 4 GB of RAM, an Nvidia NVS 3100M graphics card, and 1280x800 screen resolution, we very much want people to understand and respect the popularity of low-end machines.

Especially web designers. Please, /please/ make your websites work on 720p monitors - this is ridiculous.

- 🎒

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I feel like the Steam Hardware & Software Survey - - is a really good, like, resource for people wondering what kinds of computers are in active use.

Something that the infosec people will probably be unhappy to see: 2% of users are on Windows 7, an OS which Microsoft stopped offering support for two years ago.

Also, 5% of users have 4 GB of RAM or less, 1% have less than 1 GB of VRAM, and 7% of users have fewer than 800 pixels of vertical resolution on their monitors.

I guess it is harvest time as the fields in the way to work are now filled with hay bales

One of the fun parts of sharing a name with a Nigerian musician who is continuing to blow up the scene over there is that I get to find out exactly how many radio stations there are in Lagos ('cause they constantly tag me incorrectly).

There are a LOT of radio stations in Lagos.

asking for tech help, FFXIV/Linux/Steam 

any of youse folks have experience setting up FFXIV (Steam) on Linux? Specifically my setup is flatpaked Steam on KDE Neon (Ubuntu Focal) and I'm having trouble getting XIVauncher (also flatpaked) added to Steam as per the guide...

malls, accessibility 

However it has been pointed out that malls are some of them most physically accessible spaces in the world. There is a reason mall walkers and the elderly love them: perfectly flat floors, no weather, clean, no cars, elevators and escalators everywhere

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malls, urban design, sexism 

Listening to a CBC Spark podcast on accessible design and it's interesting all the discussion of malls.

Malls where originally not SUPPOSED to be for cars. They were supposed to be community hubs, but typically the land around them was turned into parking lots and single family homes.

But also, there is a sexist component to why malls are ignored and considered bad, since they where viewed as a place for women to spend their money, and this but as important as male spaces

I'm glad I'm not the grad student who tapped a brand new $8K quartz tube on the floor and cracked it XD

(Their group is well funded and I know someone who can fix it)

At UBC early alert training, which is about spotting students with mental health issues and getting them help before it becomes dangerous.

(Important in engineering I've discovered, as poor mental health can lead to poor decision making with power tools and flammables)

@starkatt When you get back, do you have recommendations? I've bought supplies based on your recommendations before and damn do they always work well

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question for people work with jewelry, I've got a necklace I adore but I've had it since high school it, if not earlier and the court is falling apart.

What would be the right search term for a new cord kind of like this? Are there any brands that I should be using, or is it just kind of interchangeable?

I mean, imagine you're a teenager fixing Grandma's computer over Thanksgiving, and you find a directory of all these "XXX" files...



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There are a lot of reasons not to choose a Singer embroidery machine, but the file extension for its designs has got to rank right up there.

Heads-up to #Patreon creators: Patreon is going to require anyone whose page is classified as "adult/18+" to photograph an ID for sharing with some third-party tech firm:

If, like us, your page was algorithmically classified as 18+ despite containing no nudity or sexually-explicit content, now is a good time to send a support ticket asking them to fix that. Instructions here:

Further concepts:
> A public dole of one kind of baked good and we change which every month (the bread month is pretty useful, the tarte tatin month a bit weirder).
> Making it mandatory for landlords to provide pets to people who want them.
> Mandating that no city can sell more than one book in any given trilogy, making people do Grand Quests to get the whole set.
> Properly weird public architecture. Not just fancy and gold, like Planescape mixed with Escher. Especially for public offices.

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I would love to live in a world where reef-safe sunscreen wasn't $15-20 for three ounces because all sunscreen was reef safe by default.

I would also like to live in a world where coconut oil is broadly recognized as an allergen.

Et cetera.

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