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Heyo, friends! I maintain a list of space opera novels by cisgender women, trans, and non-binary authors. Suggest works via the link, & share with everyone who might find it of use!

You can find the list right here:


looked it up, and after discarding a bunch of results about an Australian meat shortage, I found that the reason there was a neutrogen 948 was that the US was suddenly in charge of feeding Europe, including places that would have been its enemies 3 years earlier, and that's with sending so much of its corn to Europe that they couldn't feed meat animals enough to meet demand, coupled with some bad crop years

Dammit, the scene is ALMOST on Youtube; this is the fight right AFTER the robot wakes up!

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@skysailor Ehhh, not so much on the crumbling cities, possibly excepting the recent ones.

Oh, Ars Technica actually has a recent build guide out! I thought they stopped doing those!

Tempted to just copy this, to be honest, unless people have review site recommendations?

When I asked for computer hardware review site recommendations in prep for buying a new PC, several people recommended

Butttttt the last review posted was Jan 2021, and they seem to only do news now? I am confused. (Their old reviews look really good too, which sucks)

Question: There is a scene I"m sure I've seen in a BUNCH of anime but I can only remember one example right now.

Group of people travelling along and pass through a crumbling city from a prior civilization. Ancient war machine detects movement for the first time in centuries and wakes up and attacks them.

The one example I can think of is Wolf's Rain, but I'm *positive* there must be others, as I can see fragments of images in my minds eye, but not more then that.

“I never kiss people before noon except the one I had breakfast with." - Archie Goodwin, Too Many Women by Rex Stout.

Dammit Archie XD XD XD

"Saturday nights I usually take some person of an interesting sex to a hockey or basketball game, or maybe a fight at the Garden" -Archie Goodwin, Too Many Women, 1947

1) .... were boxing matches a popular place for dates in the 40s? Or sports matches in general? o.0

2) I find it funny that Archie never mentions football. It is wired how it has gone from an also ran off sports to THE big American spot in what, two generations? Got big in the 70s?

3) I'm stealing "person of an interesting sex" though I'd probably move it to "person of an interesting gender"....

@skysailor It doesn't actually SAY the second part but it ends with an analysis of why every simple way of doing this is wrong and why you shouldn't do it that way....

... then goes into all the challenges of doing it the correct way and how you can't do it in a lot of situations...

... and then goes into how ANY method of doing it is suspect due to the fact it is convoluted with Y, sooooo....

you know the chapters going to suck when it opens with "There is no reason for there to be a simple analytical function for X"

I wasn't wrong, it ends with all of the simple ways of doing this are wrong, you shouldn't use them anymore, and if you do you should feel bad, but all of the ways they get you something even close to a right answer are like getting kicked in the stomach repeatedly if they even work, so good luck and fuck you.

MST Club is about to get underway, at
Tonight we're showing 1001 SOULTAKER, the Sci-Fi Channel episode where Frank and Joel dropped by to say hello! The episode begins at 9 PM Eastern, but we'll have other amusements until then.

I loved being home on Learned a lot, mostly about dragons. :dragnblanket:

I’ll probably end up over on, but going to miss this place. :dragnsad:

Thank you to chr/khr for being a good admin all this time. :qtheart:

@sl2c I'm moving back to for now, but if that doesn't work out I might make my home.

I've also heard of people moving to , and bit I don't know much about them

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