By the way, I've noticed a LOT of programs save PNGs, esp small PNGs really badly. If you are using PNGs for icons on your instance, make sure to run PNGGauntlet on them.

Test results:
Emoji: % original size
:thumbsup_claw: 38%
:bisexual_triangles: 44%
:clap_claw: 45%
:blobpats: 95%
:hacker_h: 97%

@chr @phildini @bea @SliverQueen

(I also found all the ones on wubrg get about 50% savings, I forgot to tell @DialMforMara to turn up the compression level in GIMP when making them)

@DialMforMara @SliverQueen @bea @phildini @chr (Heck, if you want, just send me your pngs in a folder and I'll compress them for you. Watching the status bar run is so satisfying.

@shellkr I'd want to see some independent testing. It seems a bit too good to be true, you know?

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