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Question: There is a scene I"m sure I've seen in a BUNCH of anime but I can only remember one example right now.

Group of people travelling along and pass through a crumbling city from a prior civilization. Ancient war machine detects movement for the first time in centuries and wakes up and attacks them.

The one example I can think of is Wolf's Rain, but I'm *positive* there must be others, as I can see fragments of images in my minds eye, but not more then that.

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Dammit, the scene is ALMOST on Youtube; this is the fight right AFTER the robot wakes up!

@Canageek my first thought is actually the Legend of Zelda videogames

@skysailor Ehhh, not so much on the crumbling cities, possibly excepting the recent ones.

@Canageek Laputa - Castle in the Sky might. I've only seen it once and am not sure of the details

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