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you know the chapters going to suck when it opens with "There is no reason for there to be a simple analytical function for X"

I wasn't wrong, it ends with all of the simple ways of doing this are wrong, you shouldn't use them anymore, and if you do you should feel bad, but all of the ways they get you something even close to a right answer are like getting kicked in the stomach repeatedly if they even work, so good luck and fuck you.

@skysailor It doesn't actually SAY the second part but it ends with an analysis of why every simple way of doing this is wrong and why you shouldn't do it that way....

... then goes into all the challenges of doing it the correct way and how you can't do it in a lot of situations...

... and then goes into how ANY method of doing it is suspect due to the fact it is convoluted with Y, sooooo....

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