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question for people work with jewelry, I've got a necklace I adore but I've had it since high school it, if not earlier and the court is falling apart.

What would be the right search term for a new cord kind of like this? Are there any brands that I should be using, or is it just kind of interchangeable?

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@starkatt When you get back, do you have recommendations? I've bought supplies based on your recommendations before and damn do they always work well

@Canageek You could go to Dressew on Hastings and have a look at their cord section — it's extensive and in person has the added benefit of being able to try to find a close match. (Inexpensive, too. You're probably looking at less than $2.)

@erinbee @Canageek Wow nice! That's much cheaper than the $5 or so we pay for the chains for our necklaces.

@erinbee @Canageek (A chain is another good option if you want to go for a metal look! We currently have a dark gray chain that'd probably look great on that pendant.)

@frostwolf @erinbee I'm finding that a lot of chains make my neck tired very quickly, which is why I was thinking of keeping this one cord

@frostwolf @erinbee dad said the chain for this necklace doesn't bother my neck as much as most of the cheap steel chains I've been getting on eBay, so if I could get one like this I would go for it?

@Canageek @erinbee okay first of all AWESOME dragon necklace

also huh! Those are some neat chain links. Very rounded.

I think I mighta seen ones like that at Michaels, where we got our chain. (Ours is flatter.)

@frostwolf @Canageek That style is called a rolo or Belcher chain, if you're looking for a search term.

@erinbee sadly I've moved away from Vancouver to Kelowna or that would be amazing advice.

@Canageek I hope Kelowna is treating you well, then!

What you're looking for is jewelry cording, and most craft stores should have it. The one you have looks like nylon over a cotton or nylon center, but there's a whole lot of different types. If you go to Michael's or a bead shop, they'll probably have nylon, hemp, cotton or linen, and leather.

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