Are there any eReader fans out there? I rediscovered my Kobo, and remember how much I love it, but the touch screen has some dead spots on it and it's from about 2013 or 2014.

Are modern ones better in any noticeable way, or did tablets eat them for lunch?

(The ebook wiki and such I'm checking mostly seem to be stuck in 2012)

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(Also the features Mastodon people will tell me about are usually not the ones in the mainstream reviews)

@Canageek I have a Kobo Clara HD, which isn't a new model, and I like it, although it has developed a faint horizontal line that doesn't refresh properly, but I can work around it.

What I like: small (6-inch), so I can stuff it into my pocket and take it out to read while waiting (for family or while queueing) or on public transport. Also syncs with Pocket and my local library (Overdrive), so I never run out of things to read. Much lighter than a tablet and battery charge lasts longer.

@sohkamyung @Canageek the Pocket-syncing feature of Kobs is pretty neat. Also pretty neat: it's not a device from Amazon.

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