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Someone is posting pictures of REALLY COOL bottles of old chemicals found during an inventory.

... For some reason they are making me think of foxes.

@Kyresti You make me think of this vintage thorium nitrate.

It's spicy and cool and will trick you and crystallize beautifully, but actually it stole all the nitrates and magically made all the cool parts of the reaction vanish

@starkatt You get Fast Red. Red Fox, plus you always seem to be going at Mach 3 even when sitting still, you've always got something on the go

@AliceRedgrave You get "Tungsten Blue"

Because you are really cool and beautiful, but have that whole fey thing at times, which the name in qoutes and unlikely backstory and fancy writing made me think of

@Aradia I'm giving you a picture of Indigo Carmine, since it's really cool and can be used to do awesome stuff, but also beautiful in every way even the name

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@Canageek @Aradia Indigo Carmine is the name of a courtesan in an Enlightenment romance

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