@kelbot Wait is that an m500? I think that is what the label says, but my m500 had a colour screen and the scroll buttons were one button that would tilt up or down when pressed. Also it was silver.

Am I reading the image wrong, or misremembering the type of Palm I had in high school? (Hand me down from my Mom as I recall, could have been my Dad)

@Canageek You might be misremembering which model you had. This is an m500. The m505 and m515 are color but have the same button design.


@kelbot I'm probably mixing up the buttons with those on my IIIe that I had before; Probably was a m505 as it was the shape and shade of silver I'm seeing in the pictures.

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@kelbot The colour one I had was nice as it had colour and could play a pirated copy of Bejeweled and Majongg someone gave me. (The second one might have been freeware?)

But Graffiti2 was way worse then Graffiti1. There were two letters that worked perfectly on 1 that got mixed up in 2 a bunch I think? Might have been U/V? I had to do the draw V backwards trick, but that was an easy bypass, so I think there might have been another pair.

Geeze, you are bringing back memories.

@Canageek The color was niceat the time when it was the new thing. Now I prefer the monochrome for the much better visibility without backlight and the resulting better battery life.

@kelbot Is it good? I recall having issues with my IIIe in sunlight.

....ok, now I wish eInk had been out a decade earlier, as given that I seem to recall the IIIe having a lot of ghosting and very slow refresh rate, eInk would have been a great combination with them, since it had the same downsides but backlites well AND works in sunlight.

@Canageek Yeah, I mean the sunlight and even decently lit indoor viewability without using a backlight is one of the best features of the m500 to me. Eink would be great in a PDA I agree.

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