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Ok, trying MechWarrior 2 for the first time due to DOS Games Club.

Anyone played it? Any advice?

Oh 90s games. Your manual is 90 pages, and I"m sure I have to read it all

Here is hoping I like MechWarrior 2 more then Quake.

Does it matter which clan I join at the start? Is one campaign easier then the other?

Ok, I knew GameFAQs was old, I recall visiting it a bunch back before Gamespy bought it and thinking it was better, but I didn't know it was "has submissions from 1995" old.


"10.3 On what ftp sites can I find Mechwarrior II info?
10.4 What web pages are there about Mechwarrior II?"


This formation puts the leader in the center of a vertical line. Basically a
good formation if you want to get killed by your starmates (the AI of your starmates isn't good enough to tell them to do not fire when you are in front of them...)"

OH god, these keyboard controls.

Is this a viable game to play without a joystick o.0

.....can I convince it that my xbox controller is a joystick o.0

I'm sorry, is it telling me that I need to use the Insert-pageup/down block of keys to control the jump jets?!?!?!?

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Mechwarrior two was VR headset compatible??! Including head tracking?

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