Trademark is really stupid. The ENTIRE POINT of it is to allow consumers to differentiate products in the market.

And yet:

Icons RPG (superhero RPG) and Icon RPG (Fantasy) are both on sale at the same time.

Also: Outer Wilds and Outer Worlds are both games with similar concepts that launched in the SAME YEAR.

Also: Dark Matter (RPG setting) and Dark Matter (RPG) (That one annoys the heck out of me since now I can't effing google the game setting *I* like, which was ALREADY hard.

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@Canageek In the RPG space most creators have neither the budget to register their trademarks, nor defend them. Alot of the shifty stuff people get away with in the RPG industry boils down to having no real budget to litigate.

@Capheind YEP. But one of those examples was in the AAA game space. It doesn't work if you are small and poor OR both sides are too rich to make it worth it!

@Canageek which is why i only spoke to the RPG space. I know that a big reason why variouse rights violations happen in that space is the inability to litigate. I don't know squat about AAA video games. I don't even think ive played one in years.

@Canageek Time to start appending unique identifiers to EVERYTHING.

To the label gun!

@TheOuterLinux those are the names of two RPGs that only differ by one letter and are both currently being sold

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