is there a better word for "lich's phylactery" that doesn't co-opt a jewish word? please don't say horcrux

@SuricrasiaOnline I wrote about the history of this a few months ago, when the accusations of antisemitism started flying.

Originally the self-resurrection effect was a modified "soul jar" / "magic jar" spell. It seems fine to call it one of those.

It's still unclear to me that Jewish people want 'ownership' of the word; it's an outsider's word even in the original Greek and several Rabbis argue for "tefillin" whenever it is more accurate, like in museum collections.


@gdorn @SuricrasiaOnline I knew a Jewish person who is VERY annoyed by this use and has requested I not use it around them, so at least one. I use Soulgem

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@Canageek not that it is their job to speak for all Jewish people, but what do they think of items like the phylactery of faithfulness?

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