Thinking of getting my Mom a set of good pencils and pencil crayons for her birthday, does art mastodon have any suggestions? Will they cost a fortune? Boosts welcome

@Canageek @troodon Do not get Crayola or Roseart. In fact, I'd say look up a few articles and see what your local art store has availible.

Personally I wouldn't recommend prismas either unless someone really knew what they were doing. They're... I dunno, I find them more similar to oil pastels than pencils. Good at what they do but they behave a fair bit different from alternatives.

@Kyresti @troodon @cosmic recommended staedtler and that sounded like what I want?

I'll be buying them online, I'm trying to find something using

Prismacolor is generally a good brand for quality/cost/availability where I'm at.

I personally use a wood less colored pencil but idk how easy the brand is to find out side of an art sore.

@Canageek cheap but good: staedtler pencil crayons are pretty common, lots of options for how many to buy in a set, usually come in nice reusable packaging. I actually found a basic set at the dollar store for $3 recently and like them a lot! The like pro artist ones are prismacolors, but they can be veryyy pricy. You can always get a small selection if you want some fancier ones bc art stores sometimes sell them individually

@cosmic @Canageek I bought cheap colour pencils by staedtler, and found them so frustratingly dry and scratchy I threw them away.
The low price ones by faber Castell give much better colour. I think that line is called Castle.

@Anke @cosmic @Canageek I have a very good experience with the Color Peps brand

@anke Colour, sorry, those are called pencil crayons in Canada

@Canageek Faber Castell sells different lines at different prices. The top tier is Polychromos for wax/oil-based and Albrecht Dürer for watercolour pencils, and those are pricey. Goldfaber is a bit less so, and it might be available in single colours, at least I've seen them locally (in Germany, though). They're available in watercolour pencil or not, too, and still nice quality IMO

recommending art supplies 

recommending art supplies 

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