I like living in cities. I lived in Paris, the EU's largest city for a year and also Birmingham (second largest in the UK) and now London (Europe's largest, but on a technicality).

What all these places have in common are being outside my native country and being intensely alienating places where I've struggled to meet anyone, advance my career, or build meaning in my life.

Large cities are awful and I love them for it.

I will never leave mastodon.social

Cities ranked:

Paris: best bread
Den Haag: Best audiences
Birmingham: Best curry
London: best queer scene
Oakland: best music
Portland: best bookstore

Paris: Most difficult music scene
Den Haag: Most boring
Birmingham: they say its gotten a lot better…
London: :endless_screaming:
Oakland: Fucking awful cops
Portland: Segregated

Uh, I moved around while I was studying at different institutions and then for work at universities.

At least one person was offended by this thread and I want to express regret for that as it was not my intent.

A good apology includes an understanding of the problem and a commitment to avoid repetition, so this post is an invitation to comment as I have some gaps in my process here.


@celesteh Ah, part of it might be it sounds like an endorsement of the reason other instances are defederating with mastodon.social ?

(Here if you haven't seen it: dragon.style/@packbat/10497263 )

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no hadn't seen it.

The specific subtoot was about the "rich cities" I listed and I dunno. I should go to bed.

@celesteh Ah, I took it the wrong way due to the last line.

Also, probably? Aren't you in the UK?

@Canageek I mean I was also joking about the instance being too big and kind of shitty, but I didn't know the context that lead to the latest round of defederations, just some of the drama around how it was discussed. I didn't look into it further, thinking it was a straightforward continuation of previous complaints.

And it's a quarter to three.

@celesteh Ah, no, there is new stuff that is far worse, but no need to deal with it tonight.

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