Does anyone know anything about Oregon State University and Corvallis, OR?

They've got a job opening that I think I'd be *perfect* for but I know *nothing* about what parts of the US are what, and which parts are scary and rural and which parts are like Seattle.

@Canageek @IceWolf zero personal knowledge whatsoever but from the Wikipedia article it is the principal city of -the least religious county in the united states- and has both Democrats and Green Party members on the city council, and the university is the major local employer, so, I mean, it’s probably not The Hills Have Eyes at least

@Canageek My experience of Oregon is mostly just Portland and some in Eugene, which are nice. Corvallis is kind of BFE, but it's a campus town which'll be pretty hippie.

But even "cool" Oregon is very honkie and surrounded by Hills Have Eyes type mutants, just like rural Washington or Idaho.

@mdhughes Yeah, hearing some scary things about it from people who have been there. I'd have to stop painting my nails for sure

@Canageek Yeah, that's fine in Portland, maybe even mandatory (Portlandia is not a comedy, it's a very annoying documentary), and probably fine in the campus town. You do not go picking wildflowers in the woods like that.

@mdhughes @Canageek @mdhughes When I was a student there (in the '80s, back when rocks were soft and wheels were square) it was a nice place to live. It was in the part of Oregon that isn't full of redhat-wearing individuals. That said, it was more conservative than say Eugene or Portland but considerably less conservative than Springfield or parts South/East of there.

It's also in a flat area of the valley and isn't the same kind of scenic as the nearby mountains. OSU is the "A&M" of the state system of higher ed schools where UO is more for liberal arts.

The camps is nice and has a huge variety of plant life (warning for allergy sufferers).

It rains, of course, but the summers can be kind of warm and boring. However, it's not far to the coast if you're into ocean water.

It's too far from Portland to be a bedroom/commuter community so housing prices are probably still reasonable.

OSU and the school system were the largest employers in the area, though HP had (I think had is correct here) a presence there in HPPCD (where we got our UUCP feed from.)

Personally, I'd take Eugene, Portland, or Salem over Corvallis but I'd still take Corvallis over pretty much any other place in Oregon. (This from a guy who has lived in every corner of the US, as well as the middle, and has *no* intention of leaving the PNW for any other part of the country again.)

nb I haven't been there to do more than buy pizza at Woostock (best pizza in the PNW!) in the last 20 years or so.

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