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Did first counselling session today. Apprently the state of the world has been in a very minor but ongoing flight or flight reaction all the time... and this is pretty normal for everyone right now?

Have me a conversational tool and some advice on how to avoid arguments, wants me to focus on my journaling more, do graded exposure to going back outside (go outside, take transit short distances, meet up with the people in my bubble more),

therapy, MH+ 

and look up something called the Muss Rewind which was developed for PTSD but can help with lots of types of anxiety?

She also encourage me so share this with the people around me, and I got the feel (though she didn't say this) that she thinks a whole lot of us are going to need therapy when this is over, and since most people can't get it or won't ask, passing along information isn't a bad thing

therapy, MH+ 

When I've been to therapy before methods of dealing with anxiety as a physical response have been emphasized:

Running or similar to use up the extra oxygen in your blood

Focusing on something to break the chain of scary thoughts reenforcing themselves (spelling words backwards is fast, but I also did playing a complicated video game while also trying to follow a podcast about time travel and that worked really well)

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