FUN FACT: did you know that left handed people already know all the facts you like to tell them about being left handed? It's true!


@Gogogadgetpants *blink blink*

I learned that there are "fun" facts about being left handed, and that people are sick of them all at once today.

I'm sorry you have to go through that

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@Canageek Most of the time, it's kind of funny. When I'm at work, I'll start writing something and my patients will just blurt "You're left handed!" I guess the follow up facts make it feel less awkward?

Today though I was trying to watch a video about companies that make left handed pen nibs, and the guy spent two minutes telling me about international left handed day and the origin of southpaw before telling me to learn to write different because left handed pen nibs are just not that great.

@Canageek That's what I said! I guess you can get them ground at a different angle so it's less scratchy when you push instead of pull to write? But most people have already learned their way around this problem, so it's not a very popular solution.

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