@pzmyers that works for stuff like the humanities or history where all you need is knowledge.

it works less well for something like chemistry where you need hands-on lab experience, as fume hoods and equipment and glassware are ridiculously expensive.

@Canageek That's why I said you should attend a public university that has all that stuff but doesn't charge a premium cost!


@pzmyers ah, there is no such thing in Canada. All universities are publicly funded here. Some do cost more like university of Toronto, but there's lots of good cheap ones around, I think my tuition was about 4K/semester at McMaster?

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@Canageek No, Canada has private universities.


They're just not as dominant or common as they are in the US. We've suffered with the horrible example of Harvard & others.

@pzmyers Huh, yeah, I've actually heard of a couple of those

@Canageek @pzmyers 4k/semester it a lot, in Saarbrücken (Germany) I only pay 300€ per semester (150€ for the public transport, 75€ administration fees and 74€ insurance).

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