man, I'm trying to figure out what you all have against the hurdy-gurdy. It can make such lovely sounds:

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ohhh Sweet Dreams, obviously based on the original Eurythmics version not the terrible Marilyn Manson cover

@Canageek I have nothing against the hurdy-gurdy! It's a splendid instrument!

@Canageek they're great!
Not many instruments give you a free bass line to go with the melody you're playing, perfect for the lone performer

@Canageek If a shitposter says it's cursed or a pagan says it's the devil's music, chances are we LIKE it. A lot of these posts are being made in jest. :3

@starkatt @Kyresti Cool, didn't know that- it was an identical formulation to light hearted but serious takes I've seen in other communities, and I don't know the poster, just like, a dozen boosts Intu my timeline.

So I thought I would post some music I liked, as a freindly way of showing how cool it could be without criticizing anyone for their taste.

@Canageek its name sounds like a euphemism for vomiting, though

@Canageek I've been in a D&D game where the bard played one.

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