I've got to say, Fortnight's daily's aren't set up as well as I thought. At first they were a good way of promoting different play styles, but lately all of the ones are like, Do X damage with this rarity of weapon, and I'm like....great? I only find one of those every few matches, and I play in a risky style that should give me more of those then the average player sees (lots of fishing). But like, most of my matches I just drop in the same spot and take the same path to the first circle, as why not?

At first I'd get stuff like, do damage with this weapon I never use, and sure, good idea, force me to change it up.

Also stuff like drop at these locations, or find chests in these locations. Cool, encourages a new start point and a more violent start then I like.

But now its like, Deal damage with this weapon rarity...I don't have control of that? Or deal 1000 damage within 10 second of coming out of hiding.

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