Someone from Sourceforge reached out and suggested they still support mercurial and stopped the whole spyware thing three years ago when his company bought it. Anyone have any experience with them?

@Canageek I worked with them before the whole spyware nonsense from Dice. I've downloaded items from them under Linux. I think they're legit.

Do you happen to know who reached out to you?

@Canageek There are some other hosting options listed in the wiki too.

SF documentation says "All 1.4.1 features of Mercurial are supported" -- which is very old, and leaves out some important stuff like evolve.


And there's always Heptapod, which is a fork of GitLab.

@beetle_b Do they have free student plans for private repos? That is why I went with bitbucket in the first place, for thesis backup stuff.


Sourcehut is currently free, because they are in alpha. They claim to guarantee your data. not sure you'd want to trust them with years of work.

If all you want is backup, simply get a backup account somewhere (e.g. Dropbox) and put your directory with .h on that service.

I have years of mercurial work on my PC. I just use a backup service. Bitbucket and the like are for collaboration, not backup.

@beetle_b I like having a record of every change to my LaTeX files on each and every PC. Mercurial is a great way to ensure all the of my computers have a relatively current copy. The fact it is in the cloud is a nice bonus.


I understand that, but you can still do that easily with, say, Dropbox. Just sync the .hg directory with Dropbox (or some other backup service - I don't use Dropbox).

@beetle_b I don't trust Dropbox. To many stories of a file getting messed up or deleted in one location and it propogating. I want a change log so I can see every change I've made and what it was.


You're simply not understanding. The changelog with all your history is in your .hg directory.

Put that .hg directory in your cloud backup and you'll be able to see every change you've made on any computer.

The reason it is called *distributed* version control is that the .hg directory on your computer has *everything*. It is no different from the one in Bitbucket or any version control hosting site.

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