Curious: Near Non-binary/nonbinary people of Mastodon, do you prefer non-binary or nonbinary? So that when I"m editing I use the proper one.

I figure there probably isn't one right answer, but I can try and make the most number of people happy.

Boosts welcome so I get a better sample size.

@Canageek I’m wildly inconsistent about my own usage, voted for the one I think I use more often

@Canageek weirdly I think I write it "non-binary" but say it "nonbinary" with no stop or pause between the parts.

@Canageek can’t seem to work the poll but I always go for nonbinary because the hyphenised version reminds me of “bi-sexual” which is always bad

@half_rat Right now it is 73% no hyphen after 49 votes, so you seem to be in the majority

@Canageek polls don’t work for me because cursed technology but i would recommend “nonbinary” for reasons of style; a hyphenated compound reads as more tentative, less established in the language

it’s like how we don’t italicize sushi any more, because it’s no longer exotic; everybody knows what “sushi” means, and using language in a way that implies by its structure that everybody knows what “nonbinary” means is a small but meaningful step toward that being true

@Canageek I'm not sure because I normally just say NB but I went with no hyphen

i have no idea what sort of writing this is for, but opinion:
Nonbinary looks more casual to me
Non-binary looks more formal to me

So i figure any usage preference would be based on what sort of writing it is, but also i would be the absolute furthest thing from upset if people just picked one so like. Not much of a preference lol

@certifiedperson Asking people to donate to a scholarship, and thanks

According to data gathered in the 2018 @gendercensus survey, the hyphenated form is more commonly used in the UK while elsewhere the non-hyphenated form is the preference

@Canageek Opting for the secret third option of : fuck it, either of them

@Canageek its unhelpful I know and I do apologize

its because my approach to English is just incredibly uncaring in general. I switch between UK and US English spelling constantly and I fuck my pronunciation up so much to the point that I just don't bother with specific such as this one when the end result is the same

im not entirely sure too many folks are gonna be bothered if you have a hyphen in it or not honestly

@Canageek it ain't like the whole issue with spelling "trans" with a asterisk next to it after all

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