For those of you who've grown out bangs: what do I do with my hair while it's long enough to get in my eyes but not long enough to tuck behind an ear?

I recently obtained Bobby pins, which are doing a good job of keeping hair off my eyebrows etc. (which is unexpectedly nice), but I neither know how to arrange them to look nice, nor whether there are better alternatives.

@Canageek @aschmitz Any clip that stays closed is a better option than bobby pins, unless you don’t like them pulling on your scalp. I usually part my hair down the middle, and then pull the bangs on each side back to that side and pin them above my ear.

@Canageek @aschmitz As for where to find them: your local drugstore should have an overwhelming number of inexpensive options in the hair care and/or cosmetics aisle. Pick something flat and close to your hair color if you don’t want it to be obvious you’re pulling your hair back.

@DialMforMara @Canageek Good to know, thanks! (My hair is currently dyed, so there aren't really good color-matching options.)

Clips over bobby pins because... they pull less? Not sure what the advantages / disadvantages are, and some online searches aren't too explanatory. (I went with bobby pins because they had a smaller footprint, but am obviously open to changing.)

@aschmitz @Canageek Clips pull more but they’re less likely to fall out. And you will absolutely find clips to match whatever your current hair color is, at the very least in a rainbow pack.

@DialMforMara @Canageek Huh, interesting. Thanks!

(I'll have to visit a proper drugstore at some point - this was just in the local grocery store, which matched dark brown, blonde, and leopard-print hair, but not much else.)

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