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Dwarf Fortress has announced that they are working on adding trans dwarves, and they'd have added then already of he hadn't overcomplicated his thinking.

.... last time when he added gay dwarves he rewrote a large chuck of the personality system so that gay, lesbian, ace and bi dwarves would all arise naturally from the system, so that kinda makes sense.


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Details on Dwarf Sexuality:

The token takes 4 arguments: [ORIENTATION:<male/female>:<disinterested chance>:<lover-possible chance>:<commitment-possible chance>]. A one-time check is made for each creature to determine orientation, by "rolling a die" once for each sex, against the total of the three chances for that sex.

If a given dwarf rolls "disinterested" for the same sex, and "commitment-possible" for the opposite sex, then that dwarf is strictly heterosexual, and is willing to become married. If the dwarf rolls "lover-possible" for each sex, then the dwarf is bisexual, but will never marry. And so on.

I like how elegant the system is. Anyone else would have just used a % chance and a bunch of cases.

note the comments are really disgusting, do not read the comments

@Canageek god i wish i could play dwarf fortress (the learning curve is intimidating)

@nev If you want 0xabadidea just did a really nice intro, and the wiki has a step by step guide

@riking ug, sorry, I hadn't read then when I posted that our I would have warned prime not to read them. Should I delete and repost do you think?

@Canageek @riking nah you're fine, not your fault it got that kind of attention

@Canageek i love how toady takes such care to build these things into the system so they arise organically, even if sometimes it leads to hilarious interactions

@Canageek Rare to see a developer admit their own failings on the subject. :blobeyes:

@Canageek "We'd have them already if I hadn't overcomplicated my thinking on what additions were needed (this is a problem of mine.)" sure sounds like The Story Of Dwarf Fortress, pretty much

LB: I tried and failed to get into DF a while back, maybe I should try again, I didn't realize the dev was so awesome

@Canageek this being dwarf fortress, i'm now expecting the procedural generation of randomised genders and neopronouns to be part of what's making this so complicated

dwarf fortress is wonderful

@00dani @Canageek not that. But that thing must have so many moving parts already that every change to it's core assumptions probably means you'll be touching pretty much all of it.

@mGlanzer @00dani no, he touched on that it'll involve touching a lot of other moving parts, but from what I got out of this it's that he's making very complicated because he wants everything to arise naturally

@Canageek @00dani Well, now that makes it sound like a fun project. I guess that's also the kind of mindset that keeps an endeavour like DF going. Really got to admire that guy. 😊

@mGlanzer @00dani See the other posts in this thread about how he made a system so that straight, gay/lesbian, ace and aromantic arise naturally from his sexuality system

@00dani I'm suggesting this to the @Dwarffortress twitter account now, if that is OK

wow, the comments sure are a cesspit... then again, it's Twitter, so I shouldn't be surprised...

@FiXato sorry, I didn't read them or I would have posted a warning

don't worry, not your fault. :)
I was hoping to see more positivity towards the dev for this upcoming change, but I guess my faith in humanity was underserved for that audience. ;)

@FiXato it's been pointed out that most of the negative comments aren't from real dwarf fortress players

@Canageek I appreciate that the devs want to handly this properly, and with the seriousness it deserves.

Yikes, some of those replies, though...

@not_on_pizza I'm really sorry I should have put a warning in the post, I didn't think to read them until afterwards

@Canageek I do wanna make a special note of the bigot in the comments complaining by giving a sarcastic "congrats to Dwarf Fortress for appealing to a tiny minority of people" -- like buddy pal friend second of all it's fricking DWARF FORTRESS.

@gaditb I like the one that points out that real dwarf fortress fans will celebrate this because it means more exploitable subsystems

@gaditb like I think the most dwarf fortress thing I've seen in a while with the thread on how to use lesbians to optimize your military

@Canageek Holy frick, LINK??
(If you happen to have it on hand?)

@gaditb I don't, it was on Reddit. I looked it up to see what the community's reaction to gay dwarves was, and as I recall it was excellent lesbian dwarves are much less likely to combat. so dwarven militaries have gone from being male only to male, ace and lesbians.

@silentmonkfish @gaditb dwarves only get children's from having sex while married. lesbians only marry other women and those never have children. Dwarven mother's have the bad habit of carrying their children into combat where they get killed. Therefore dwarf fortress players were really happy that they can now expand their militaries from only men, to men, lesbians, ace dwarves oh and also by dwarves who are married to same-gender partners.

Do they still have the problem that when you try to bring a breeding pair of cats sometimes you get gay cats and they won't breed?
@silentmonkfish @gaditb

I don't usually bother with grazers until I start domesticating local wildlife. Similarly breeding egg layers is too micromanagey until I get something interesting. Cats I used to be able to just put on autobutcher to obtain vermin suppression and bone both.
@silentmonkfish @gaditb

To a point.

Wild animals, if captured, can be trained to behave more or less like truly domesticated animals, at the cost of occasional retraining to keep them from going wild. Animals born to a trained mother (I'm not sure of the exact condition for eggs) are domesticated in the sense of dogs or cows.

@silentmonkfish @gaditb

@Canageek @silentmonkfish @gaditb

How hard it is to train an animal depends on the trainer's skill but also on how well your civilization understands that kind of animal. As you train animals in your fort, you gradually improve your civilization's understanding of those kinds of animals, making it easier for future fortresses from your civilization to train them.

You can't get all the way to full domestication, though, alas.

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