NewPipe is a really great app, we should use it more as an example of why FOSS puts users first and proprietary software doesn't

@sir yeah, except for the fact that it's obviously not finished by the fact that it crashes a significant percentage of the time I try and use it...

@Canageek you have to keep it up-to-date. Every time YouTube changes how their player works, adds more encryption, etc - NewPipe has to be manually fixed.

@sir yes, that makes sense, but you think it could fail gracefully rather than crashing...

@Canageek I think it fails reasonably gracefully, don't you get the error screen with details and instructions on reporting it?

@sir Failing gracefully would be 'YouTube has changed, update NewPipe' not 'click video, crash to home screen'

@Canageek crash to home screen hasn't been my experience


@sir I uninstalled it after the tenth time

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