Hey, instead of paying for 36 months of Spotify why not try something different that actually helps support artists?

Magnatune has their entire curated library available for $299 (that's one-time).

You can download all of the albums and share them with your friends.

Check it out. You can sample all of the content there for free (with some annoying voice-overs on the sample tracks)


@craigmaloney Have they gotten better? I used to listen to their free podcasts and it was almost all....not good?

@Canageek (aside: One of the latest Akimbo Podcasts talked about Seth Godin's SACD company. He talked about how they sent out a bunch of SACDs to folks as a trial ($5 for the trial SACD). Of the folks who received the SACD only 3 subscribed. He ascribed it to people wanting the safe and the comfortable, but of the sample music that he played on his podcast it was that "folk singer with a guitar" stuff that really doesn't appeal to me.)

@Canageek So, longer answer: Magnatune has branched out to get a pretty varied catalog that I find valuable. Whether that's true for you is up to your tastes in music.

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