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Hey everyone.

I want you to know that I am aware I'm an outsider to queer spaces and culture. I didn't realize I was queer in any way until I was in my early 30s so I didn't grow up learning things.

So if you see me making a mistake, please call me on it. I won't be mad, even if it hurts. I'd rather know then not.

Also if I'm in a space and making you uncomfortable, ask me to leave. I would rather leave then make others uncomfortable in their own space.

If you ever want to see what the city I live in looks like, this is a pretty good view of it (It doesn't look like any other city over been to due to the oceans and mountains and forest)

"Real Life Mario Kart Vancouver" by LoadingReadyRun

(Oh hey! Main and Hastings is where I wait for the bus after gaming! I play right near Science World! That is where I was tonight!)

I did a good, workplace safety violations 

self improvement project 

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REMINDER: If you live in the US you can go to for free and ad-free weather reports and forecasts. They make their data available in machine readable formats for your analyzing pleasure, and their predictions haven't been 'moistened'. (Some networks increase the likelihood of rain on forecasts on the grounds that people are more unhappy if clear skies are predicted and it rains than if rain is predicted and the skies are clear.)
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"foss has bad ux" is valid and a lot of foss has bad ux because it's created without the piles of cash that let companies hire testers (or the lack of ethics that lets them just directly a/b test on their users)

but sometimes foss has good ux. and when it has good ux we should be calling that out for being a thing. we should not say, haha this good ux project actually has bad ux because foss always has bad ux

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overheard in the bathroom at ANE:

some dad with a strong boston accent talking to another dad at the urinal: "you know say what you will about these people but they're an honest bunch. my daughter lost her phone here last year. it was returned within ten minutes"

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Evolution of computer terminology and names I've witnessed since the 80's:

"install.exe" (DOS era) -> "setup.exe" (Windows era)

"Program" (DOS era) -> "Application" (Windows 3.x era and above) -> "App" (Mobile)
Not a fan of the last one.

"Player" -> "Gamer"
Not a fan of this one either.

"Monitor" / "Screen" -> "Display"
Not sure when that change happened but I think it started around the mid 00's.

"Doom clone" -> "FPS"
Yeah, that happened.

"Weblog" -> "Blog"
All thanks to

'Smilies" -> "Emoji"
I suspect 'Emoji' caught on because it was a (now generic) brand name.

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Aiden looked confused, then broke out in a weird kink in her undergrad, and she'd initially been hesitant to accept that.

#ProcGen #fiction


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uspol re: spin piece on sanders 

HECK FOXES. You really boost the heck out of anyone making noises o.0

(first time joining in since picking a sona, hope I did it right)

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I *love* the humans as space orks genre of fiction: This one isn't one of the better ones, but its fun. (Whomever wrote it clearly doesn't know how machines actually work, but....)

(Also a..number of the characters in these stories this remind me of the Seattle foxes, which I think says something about humanity if the best people to fulfill our ideals are trying to leave humanity....)

Opens fox muzzle, emits Windows 98 startup sound.

Presented without comment: United States Postal Service regulations for mailing live animals

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screenshot of an extremely extremely good tweet 

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Hey comics people: remember Project Wonderful? Someone's trying to build a clone.

CBD Chemistry 

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