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OK, Thunderbird is not working properly again. I should reinstall it and resetup all my but I thought I'd ask around for alternatives first.

I've tried CLAWS and it seemed OK, but then I discovered it doesn't do HTML email? What is the point of an email client that can't open most email?

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This seems to be a fork thing:
V 4.00 is the xpdf version, what I've been using for years

V 0.52.0 is from Popplar, a for of xpdf.

Both have added the ability to extract things other then JPEGS, but Popplar seems to do it better.
This might be related to why pdfimages is getting its first update in 10 years.

Ok, v 0.52 (that comes with LaTeX) seems to be the best. It has seperate -png (convert to png) -j (save as JPEG if JPEG), -jp2 (JPEG2000), -jbig2, and -ccitt in addition to -all.

The newest version (4.00) doesn't 'have all of these, just -j and -raw, and NOTHING opens CCITT images, not Infranview not GIMP.

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!!! I didn't notice it last time I installed it, but pdfimages now supports saving as PNG, instead of some obscure format you have to convert from.

It has supported extracting jpegs as jpegs for a long time, but now will also do jpeg2000 Jbig2 and ccitt images, instead of converting them to ppm.

for those that don't know this is a great tool made by the people who make xpdf that finds and Reps every image out of a PDF or every image within a specified page range.

I hate how my uni has two states: Buses fine, and buses not running. No, snow has started to build up, might want to get out of here, just buses done, you have to walk down the mountain (they tell you not to do that, but it is a super easy hike), or drive.

Who's flipping idea was it to put a campus on TOP OF A FLIPPING MOUNTAIN.


*Sits here making presentation with traffic camera page set to reload over 60 seconds*

Every so often we present a paper out of the literature to the group: I'm planning on doing a Isolating Equatorial & Oxo Based Influences on Uranyl Vibrational Spectroscopy [...], Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2017, 4702–4713, DOI: 10.1002/ejic.201700788 by

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(I admit, I downloaded the DOS version. BOTH CDs I have for the game are the Windows version, and I don't feel like buying it a THIRD time. I bought it new back when New World Computing was still getting royalties. TWICE. Also HOMM2 once, and HOMM3 twice, and HOMM4 once.)

Inspired by to play heroes of might and magic. However, don't have time to play games right now. Then I realized DOSBOX runs on my PHONE. I BEAT A MAP BY PLAYING ON THE BUS ON MY COMMUTE. Plus side, no microtransactions.

"A thing that just continuously upsets me is how computers have spent the last 20 years getting further and further away from generically handling Information. in some ways (video) we haven't progressed at all, in others we've gone back" --Gravislizard

"in 1998 playing a video in my browser required Quicktime and the embedded player worked perfectly whenever it didn't crash the system

i couldn't control gifs but i could right click and save them. now both of these assumptions are gone. i never know what videos will work, and saving requires digging into the browser"

--@gravislizard on twitter

"first we had embedded video clips then we had gifs now we have gifs rerolled as embedded video clips, EXCEPT with no play controls this is not an improvement.

2018 status, here are the things I cannot predict for any animated picture on my computer:
- can i stop it
- can i rewind it
- can i mute / unmute it
- can i change the volume
- can i save it"

--@gravislizard on twitter

(Suggetion: Instead of having he/she/they (singular)/they (plural) just have singular/plural

So I don't see why if our kids are all expected to know French why other countries can't do the same. It doesn't have to be English. I'd pay the taxes for Esperanto or something like that. Just throw a whole bunch of linguists in a room and don't let them leave until they've made something that is:
1) Flexible enough to add more scientific terms
2) Not fucking gendered (French and German can bite me)
3) Has less then 30 common letters and punctuation marks, so that keyboards are easy to make.

Suggestion: Everyone who speaks English natively pay a 1% tax that is given to non-English countries for use in teaching their kids enough English to get by.

(Remember, I'm from a country where it is expected everyone know at least some French. In Canada it is mandatory grades 4-9 I think? I had to be exempted due to a learning disability)