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Hey everyone.

I want you to know that I am aware I'm an outsider to queer spaces and culture. I didn't realize I was queer in any way until I was in my early 30s so I didn't grow up learning things.

So if you see me making a mistake, please call me on it. I won't be mad, even if it hurts. I'd rather know then not.

Also if I'm in a space and making you uncomfortable, ask me to leave. I would rather leave then make others uncomfortable in their own space.

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@Canageek I read a lot of his stuff when I was younger too - I found the Retief stories got samey quite fast, but I liked his quirky action-adventure stuff. (A Plague of Demons would probably be my recommendation.) Beware, though - he suffered from a stroke in later life and recycled earlier material into a number of muddy and incoherent novels that are best avoided

Quentin reviews has realized the pride flag was being covered by his body, so he has moved it to the other side of his bookshelf, pressing it right up against the trans pride flag.

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the overlap between things i do and things bonzi buddy does is suprisingly large, but i win where it counts (feelings about privacy, choice of fursona)

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Registration #A21231 - 1948-01-15
Title: A history of the Octoraro Farmers Club, 1856-1946, prepared as a tribute to those men and women of yesterday, the charter members, in appreciation of their contribution to American rural life.
Claimants: Octoraro Farmers Club
No renewal record found.

canpol, sex work, - 

The decision was welcomed by the Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform, which launched their own constitutional challenge of the entire act last month.

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canpol, sex work, - 

But, she stressed, the ruling is just a partial victory.

It does not address other provisions in the act including banning the purchase of sex and communication for the purpose of purchasing sex, which makes it difficult for sex workers to screen clients who are trying to avoid detection, she said. The law also contributes to the stigmatization of sex workers and can encourage them to be seen as targets for violence, she said.

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canpol, sex work, + 

“The legislation cannot stand in the path of commercial sex workers who take steps to protect themselves and their health from violence or harm... The scheme created by Parliament, I find, does exactly that: grossly limits or prevents sex workers from taking steps to protect their health and safety. And in so doing, makes the allowed activity more dangerous.”

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canpol, sex work, + 

Judge rules key federal sex work laws unconstitutional

An Ontario Superior Court judge has declared unconstitutional legal provisions that ban sex workers from being able to work safely, including by being able to advertise on third-party platforms, hire security, work together and communicate with clients.


“The legislation allows commercial sex work to continue,” Sutherland wrote in his decision, finding that the law breaches the right of sex workers to life, liberty and security of the person.

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Canpol, QCpol, fuck you Quebec, Fuck you Alberta

Fuckkkkkkkkk you Alberta for that stupid clause existing.

We NEED to remove that from the Canadian charter. It has been in there FAR too long.

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I cannot even describe the perplexing snowsuit of the pylon.

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Handshake meme:

British 🤝 Japan

Referring to their history by name, confusing me about when in the last 300 years they're talking about

frustration with responses I'm getting 

Getting very frustrated with people who keep responding to an earlier post with "You don't need a word for this, just say autistic and then explain"


We have WORDS for things, even things on spectra. I can just say "I'm bisexual" Sure, it is a spectra, and I tend to prefer a few specific areas of that spectrum* even if I enjoy most of it, but there is a useful word that tells people ENOUGH that I can convey what I want without having to sit down and explain it each time.

Describing something is not inherently discriminatory, nor is wanting a positive name for YOUR type of non-neurotypicalness.

*Spectra can be more then one dimensional, thought they get increasingly hard to show once you get past 3 dimensions. I know people who do 4D NMR and....yeah.

Autsim/Aspergers discourse 

@IceWolf @Satsuma So we might need to invent entirely NEW terms that don't have autistic in them.

Autsim/Aspergers discord, frustration with people who obviously weren't around before that distinction was common knowedge 

All the training the occupational therapist had was entirely wrong, it was *bad*.

I mean, infrared light, ultraviolet light, and x-rays are all photons on the same spectrum, and they have a lot of properties in common, but you can't measure vibrational spectra with x-rays (you need visible light or infrared light for that, depending on the type), and you can't do atomic scale diffraction with visible light. you need x-rays for that. Sure, the categories are artificial and bleed over (the energy range for gamma and x-rays overlapped, I've seen something like 5 values quoted for where 'visible' ends and IR begins, you have Near IR, IR and Far IR, etc etc.

One isn't "better" then the other, but they are good at different things, need different safety protocols (accommodations in this metaphor).

So yeah, new name, but don't lump us all together, dammit.

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Autsim/Aspergers discord, frustration with people who obviously weren't around before that distinction was common knowedge 

So there is an article going around about how Asperger was a nazi and murderer (he was both, totally fair) and how we shouldn't use that term anymore (Also fair).

HOWEVER, It wants to lump HFA/Aspergers in with general autism, which, NO?

When I was growing up (early 90s), Aspergers wasn't well known yet. My parents had to fight to get me any accommodations. Like, they literally had to bring my child psychologist in to the school along with every published book they could get their hands on for the school to not think they were making this up.

Then the accommodations I was given were those designed for a non-HFA autistic person. It was stifling. It was better then nothing, but when you give someone who is very verbal (talking years ahead of age level) resources for someone who is non-verbal or barely verbal it is insulting and stifling.

A good case study of why making more factories produce COVID vaccines is hard

This goes over the global supply chain issues that Noravax has had, with shortages of things they need to make it, only having a dozen staff that can train their partners in how to do it, and issues getting the parts they need for the new factories.

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Hey, given the end being in site for the pandemic in the US, the mask shop I got my periodic table one from is shutting down, so I figured I'd post the link here in case anyone wants a cool nerdy mask, or one of their pretty abstract designs.

HIV vaccine, Moderna 

" Moderna is going into a range of Phase I trials around their candidate mRNA-1644, partnered with the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) and the Gates Foundation. IAVI and Scripps recently saw good results with the induction of such broadly-neutralizing antibodies, and the hope is that mRNA-1644 can be optimized even past that. This is going to also take a while, but overall the bNAb approach is the most promising HIV vaccine news around. Moderna has another approach being developed with the NIH, mRNA-1574, a multiple-antigen vaccine that will also be moving into Phase I this year.""

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