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Hey everyone.

I want you to know that I am aware I'm an outsider to queer spaces and culture. I didn't realize I was queer in any way until I was in my early 30s so I didn't grow up learning things.

So if you see me making a mistake, please call me on it. I won't be mad, even if it hurts. I'd rather know then not.

Also if I'm in a space and making you uncomfortable, ask me to leave. I would rather leave then make others uncomfortable in their own space.

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Oddly despite today's Widdershin's art looking more like @starkatt it hits the same parts of my brain as the video @memnus made of her using a bow

(Posting this mostly as not nearly enough people read Widdershins, which is easily the best comic I've started reading in the last few years)

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for those just tuning in: has compiled an unofficial github archive of Homestuck-- running natively in Flash, in its own custom browser, no internet required, with literally every single extraneous comic, song, game and blog post needed to get The Full And Total Homestuck Experience, pre-Epilogues. it's 3.8 gigs and is arguably the best preservation of a very weird and unique multimedia thing that can't really be experienced in the same way anymore

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just the sort of thing where I feel like you probably don’t notice the problem if you’re the apple developer running the fastest possible computer all the time and have the privilege of access to the intranet’s update CDN, but like, lmao

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another one of those days where I wish Xcode wasn’t one monolithic dozen-gigabyte item so inadvertently assenting to updating it didn’t mean DoSing my computer for several hours

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A dragon is teaching me how to break vrchat physics

...I wonder if I can get something like my Second Life Avatar in VR chat.

......dammit, that would involve admitting my second life avatar was an angelic women in a leather jacket, jeans, with black wings, wouldn't it?

.....waiiiittttttt, dammit

Ok, @DialMforMara has got me into trying VRchat, which seems to be Second LIfe Lite.

"Pornography & nudity is not allowed."

Huh, that *IS* different then second life.

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Elisabeth Bik

Today, I present to you The Paper With More References Than Words.
It has 182 words and 212 references.
All references are from the first author.
Who works at a university that does not appear to exist.

Not TOO bad now that I"m getting the hang of it, but I couldn't be doing it without @DialMforMara and @rockario hanging out on voice chat with me

Got a Nightmare Royal? Which I think is last living human player? I wasn't looking at player counts, was suddenly swarmed by 10+ ghosts and then had what looked like a Victory Royal screen, but...not

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I want to play Fortnite but its all spoopy! Stupid online games that you can't pick modes in!

I want to play Fortnite but its all spoopy! Stupid online games that you can't pick modes in!

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