I'm thinking @DialMforMara might like Battle for Wesnoth. But I'm not sure what the easiest campaign to start her on is. Any advice? Several say they are meant as tutorials.

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My relationship to my pronouns is like my relationship to the Oxford comma.

You have two options when referring to me. Pick one and stick to it for the duration of the message.

Just got some good, private news that made my day. ^^ On top of some good data, and getting my TAing stuff in order, all in all today has been a very good day.

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clicking on a pirated video's "play" button multiple times and closing the popups it creates every time until the video eventually starts playing is the modern-day equivalent of attempting to start a gas lawnmower

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"Welcome," the interviewer said, "please have a seat."
"Thank you."
"Right, as you know time engineering is still in its-"
"-early days, yes. Only invented a year ago."
"We are looking for an experienced engineer."
"I've got five years' experience in the field."
#TypoCorrection #MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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I love how I'm taking scientific data for publication and I'm doing it with two outdated computers, a Styrofoam box, and a bit of cardboard I punched a whole into with my knife.

There is a perfectly good system with a modern temperature controller just over there, but that takes a DAY to set up and this old one gets just as good data.

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@Canageek looks similar to what I'm doing right now (collecting Raman spectra, but the fluorescence setup is right next to me :))

@raekh the sample is suspended inside of that box in a very expensive quartz cold finger using the little piece of cardboard you pull off a box of lab gloves with a hole punched in it.

@raekh reminded me that stuff I take for granted like being able to take images of molecules is really cool to most people do I thought I would show everyone what I'm up to today.

Right now I'm measuring the fluorescence of of uranium compound I've made. it was intended to be a dangerous gas sensor, but unfortunately it detects water which makes it useless for that purpose.

The upside down styrofoam box is to keep light out of the instrument.

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I would have a much higher tolerance for wacky New Age things if they didn’t inevitably end up in scammy, appropriative colonialist/really horribly ableist territory

I’m down to appreciate some cool rocks and nice scented things and just sit and think about the nature of consciousness but the minute you say some anti-vax shit I’m out thx

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If anyone in the UK uses 123-Reg or NamesCo for their domain registrations, make sure you haven't been caught up in their recently hustle to slyly make you pay for .uk domains without making you aware they're signed you up for them: theregister.co.uk/2019/09/16/1

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Things I've thought of for finding a job:
--LinkedIn, Indeed, etc job boards
--Joining a professional org for the thing I'm certified to do
--Library resources
--Asking around on all my social networks

what else do I need to tell my mom I'm going to try?

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So yeah. Someone in my Dad's gaming group pointed out they'd been playing for 20 years. I pointed out they've been playing since before I was born, and I'm over 30.... (Turns out its between 37 and 41 years, depending on who you believe)

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