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Hey everyone.

I want you to know that I am aware I'm an outsider to queer spaces and culture. I didn't realize I was queer in any way until I was in my early 30s so I didn't grow up learning things.

So if you see me making a mistake, please call me on it. I won't be mad, even if it hurts. I'd rather know then not.

Also if I'm in a space and making you uncomfortable, ask me to leave. I would rather leave then make others uncomfortable in their own space.

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Ok, so I usually understand at least ONE side of a given discourse.

However the whole SystemD thing? NOPE. Not even AFTER reading the Ars Technica article.

All I got from that was "How*nix systems start up is kinda old and has issues with stuff like sleep and hybranate modes. Some people made a way that works for this, but it isn't very *nixy so a lot of people hate it"

Do I have that right? cus SystemD was the discourse when I *joined* Mastodon and it still seems to be going‽

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Raccoons have no trouble climbing ladders, but this one hasn't figured out that it is a lot easier if you climb the outside so you don't have to squish between the ladder and the walkway, and then rotate 180 degrees while clinging to the ladder.

Hi, are you STILL watching me?

(These are NOT being uploaded in real time btw, the raccoon is long gone)

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Does anyone here have DF modding experience? I'd like a second pair of eyes on this tag setup because I'm not understanding why descriptions which should show aren't showing. I know I've gotten this to work before, but it's on a machine which I can't really get into right now, so... having to start from scratch.

.....Nope, this seam isn't up to code, better get someone to look at it

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Masto wishlist 

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Masto wishlist 

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'The "Administrator" account is a temporary "feature" that will not be present in the final retail product.'
- release notes, Windows NT 3.1 beta, July 1992

medical, good news 

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@Canageek it lets you give the user a choice when running a batch script!

You input which characters the user can press to make the choice and optionally a short message.

The choice you've made will be returned as choice's error code which can be tested via "if errorlevel" in the batch script.

:msdos: :blobreach:


C:\>choice /c yn /m "Are cats an adorable creature?"
Are cats an adorable creature? [Y,N]?Y


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Pokemon spoilers i guess but it's an important accessibility option 



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Every stanza ends with women doing something
Or saying something
Or being present

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Daikatana, Fallout 3, horse armor DLC,
Timed exclusives, shoddy ports, women playing e-sports

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