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instead of "sir/madam", consider "traveller"

- gender neutral
- fun to say
- acknowledges the endless journey of the soul
- makes you feel like a medieval tavernkeep
- you absolutely can't risk misgendering a wandering swordmaster

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My thoughts about #KingdomHearts, copied from Discord

It scratches my complexity itch. Also my beautiful anime boys itch.

Like seriously you need to get deep into the weeds for it to make sense, and it's both transcendent & amazingly stupid

But if you want a story about two boys who love each other helping each other deal with mental illness and breaking an ancient cycle of violence, it's worth your time. Just be ready to skip the terribly written Disney sections when they get to be too much.

They also think the most recent common ancestor of ask life on earth might have lived at hydrothermal vents, due to some common, strange genes that occur in septate branches of the tree of Life that make the most sense down there.

They think there might be life at the bottom of a subduction zone at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, 340 MPa pressure.

In case anyone wonders what scientific conferences are like, here is my plan for the week. @gemlog @DialMforMara

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Does anyone know of a service I could use to share files securely with non-technical people? Something like Dropbox, except I want to be able to trust it :)

Preferably open-source, cross-platform.

Awww, @DialMforMara 's post makes me want to hug her, but I am 3 time zones away

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The problem with screwing into standoffs with screws. No matter the print orientation, screw threads are putting stress between layer lines. I've decided I like a captive nut on the back side so the screw's tension is actually compressing layers together rather than pulling them apart.

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I'm usually the most annoying guy talking about backups and security. Last night my phone failed and I thought I had everything backed up. I had most of my stuff but I forgot to back up:

+ Text messages
+ Diet and Exercise Tracking
+ NewPipe Subscriptions

The only one that I don't know how to effortlessly backup is SMS.

Does anyone have a good FLOSS SMS backup solution.

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I'm still looking to commission someone for an avatar. The person I initially contacted has disappeared (I hope they're OK) so the search is back on! Apologies for these repeated requests.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Also realized that my understanding of US geography is very agricultural.

Michigan is “upper midwest, more ice and timber than corn.” New England is “fish country.” There’s a dividing line between corn and wheat somewhere in Iowa.

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This morning’s intellectual delight: my (Canadian) partner asking me for a US geography lesson from his conference hotel room in Cincinnati.

“Is Kentucky south?” Yes, very much so.
“Is Ohio midwest?” Yes, but if you go any farther east you’re into the Atlantic states. Also West Virginia, which is South.
“What’s to the north?” *googles* Michigan, which is upper Midwest, and Ontario, which you’re already very familiar with.

Woohoo! Finally in my plane to Cincinnati!

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Newspaper vending machines are so weird. Anyone can pay for one paper and take all of them, and that clearly doesn't happen or else they'd have stopped doing it or changed the design. So why have a coin-activated lock at all? Why can't I put a dollar in a slot and get a paper? Surely the extra 25% from people willing to pay it (because who has exactly three quarters on them ever) will offset the occasional person who will take one without paying?

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it's called curses cause that's what'll be coming out of your mouth when you have to use it

My flight has been delayed from 16:29 (now) to 1800. Anyone know what is going on with flights today?

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