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also sourcehut's ability to test build manifests without pushing them to your git repo makes me so happy

i'm very sick of CI services that clutter your commit history with

"son of a bitch FUCKING WORK"
"forgot this line"

i feel like the application i created serves some really niche and unimportant uses, but it was the first application in a while where I at the least had a clear vision and somebody who was interested in it. that's what's important, I guess

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Started a page to catalogue my approach to learning Japanese:

Includes a bunch of helpful Anki decks and a script you can use to generate your own custom Anki decks for Japanse vocab.

Feedback welcome from both new and experienced Japanese learners!

- above all else, it's a nice language. it's got its pain points compared to something like Go, but I would more readily use this for constructing a terminal application of any sort any day, simply because of how "good" it feels to write those sorts of applications in Rust. (still gotta hand it to Go for concurrency and being super nice to use - async/await in stable rust is nice, though)

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- optionals make a tonne of sense and I'm glad they exist. same w/ result types

- i don't like how tightly packed everything feels - there's a lot of extra "everything" - but on the bright side, it's caught some of my dumber mistakes pretty early and gracefully.

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- rust is super nice for some applications, especially smaller, more niche uses. i haven't encountered many of the headaches that you'd inevitably find at scale.

- pattern matching is godly and I'm addicted

- the borrow checker has gotten significantly less painfully annoying since I last used it

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i've been working on a small project in rust for a bit now, so here are my thoughts:

📌 Contact Methods 

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just 1/10th of the way of being able to read basic text and still severely lacking in basic grammatical knowledge aside from rudimentary verb conjugations but no biggie

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on the bright side apparently I know a little under 200 kanji now so

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if i had the motivation to do anything useful the way I do to cram kanji for two months straight, I'd probably have completed my degree already

i have way too many books I need to buy at some point

either that or I'll delete this account too and force myself to abandon the fediverse once and for all

so I guess I'm alive again? not that it really matters but you know, 👋🏻

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it turns out that avoiding the fediverse is hard when your brain has devoted at least 30 minutes a day to feeling completely and utterly devoid of social contact

French badling 

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