@alva and to finally clarify, your English analogy was spot on! not that I'd expect any less, more just seeking clarification on what precedent there is for it, and how I can adapt the structures and the grammar rules/intention behind it

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@alva ahhhh! alright, so this resource even just sets it aside as a frequent idiom. good to see! I was looking into the grammar of it, and I think I've learned a bit :)

"what's the imperative again?"

"I guess you just...yell it?"

Hugo, rather than accepting that 24/7 is a valid term, decided "well this is clearly the oddest improper fraction I've ever seen, let's fuckin obliterate it"

Reading through some Rust features I missed during my period not using Rust and


beautiful. prometheus tracking a temperature value from a counter!

(cc @fribbledom)


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