i think the biggest obstacle to me mastering Swedish, aside from the fact that the phonological inventory will probably forever elude me, is that nouns have five arbitrary declensions

it's not like they're really even tough declensions but a system of declensions at _all_ is enough to make my brain go "aight wait"

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like, I guess a genuine question to anyone who speaks a language with declined nouns: when you learn a word, what process assigns it a declension in your head? in the case of Swedish it seems largely ambiguous unless you happen to hear the plural form.

the only reason I'm curious about this is because English doesn't have any of these systems, aside from awkward plurals, but even those are pretty exceptional and usually just learned by making mistakes. declension of plurals in a language with five sets of them seems a lot tougher.

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and then of course there's Japanese which foregoes all of this in exchange for massive sentence words

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@CalmByte As far as I know you just have to memorize the different forms. Personally I do it by kind of chanting them over and over.

@JonossaSeuraava I guess in the end that's probably the best approach, it's just super frightening because I'm really bad with grammatical categories.

@CalmByte luckily it's people who are interpreting the language and not a compiler so the grammar isn't that strict. The whole conversation (provably) won't fall into pieces if you make an error or two :psyduck:

@JonossaSeuraava unless you're learning lojban in which case it could be a computer and you're FUCKED

@CalmByte Also ; wish I could answer this properly but I don't know enough of langue vocabulary in any of the languages that I sort of speak.

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