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Hello! I'm CalmBit. I do programming, and occasionally talk about it, along with language. I try to be as friendly as possible. Pronouns are they/them, but I'm not very picky about it!

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my god, jisho just showed another good one


"Constant Voltage Frequency Power Supply"


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lots of the same basic components but christ these compounds get long

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carrier freqency is 搬送周波数


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FSK is 周波数変位方式


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technical words in japanese get crazy long and funny

frequency modulation is



today's daily japanese vocab:

周波数 - しゅうはすう

meaning frequency (of waveforms)


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meta, drama, subtoot, discourse 

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i have to admit something 

Found this on birdsite and needed to share it here too:

Extremely, extremely cool esolang concept

public question:

assuming that your ideal version of mastodon/pleroma is neither mastodon or pleroma, what irks you about either platform? what are the things that you wish would change?

it's long been my dream to have a non-essential piece of hardware like that to play around with rather than screwing with my actual "need to call people" phone

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i really should buy a pinephone once i've got actual money to burn, because i'm very interested

brew for macos - because package managers should be built with ducttape and wishes

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Twitter announces initiative to publish decentralized communication standard; in other news, Fox announces working group for new protected hen house layout

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