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Hello! I'm CalmBit. I do programming, and occasionally talk about it, along with language. I try to be as friendly as possible. Pronouns are they/them, but I'm not very picky about it!

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j'ai oublie - je parle français aussi, mais j'apprends toujours, alors s'il vous plait, avez patience avec moi :)

(aussi je ne peux pas épeler pour de la mèrde, alors...)

ill be following some people on @calmbyte but if you wanna beat me to it, follow me there tooooo

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serial experiments lain > black mirror sorry I don't make the rules

@alva (och jag är ledsen för vara irriterande 😅 )

@alva and to finally clarify, your English analogy was spot on! not that I'd expect any less, more just seeking clarification on what precedent there is for it, and how I can adapt the structures and the grammar rules/intention behind it

@alva ahhhh! alright, so this resource even just sets it aside as a frequent idiom. good to see! I was looking into the grammar of it, and I think I've learned a bit :)

after snacking for a bit I have concluded life is also somewhat like munching on trail mix with a cut on your hand

occasionally sweet, usually salty, and all the time accompanied with a mild burning sensation that bothers you but not enough to stop

the beginning is fine, the middle 85% is just absolutely cursed, and then the ending just seals the deal

ya know if you look at it really closely life is just one slow-motion shitpost

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🎶Vore, huh, yeah🎶
🎶What is it good for🎶
🎶Absolutely nothing🎶

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*staring pensively* how many countless lives were lost in the vore wars?

"what's the imperative again?"

"I guess you just...yell it?"

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Fav but no boost: This was good content, but I don’t know if I want to promote it. It may not be on brand for me, or it may be too vulgar.

Fav and boost: This was great content. I loved it and want more people to see it.

Boost, but no fav: this content was powerful but evil. I want other people to share in my suffering, but I also want you to know you’ve sinned.

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now that pride is over. . .
the next one is wrath, right?

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