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I'm all squish, stretch marks, and old scars & it's kind of the best~🐺 :awoo:

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Flagger’s Friend:

a neatly embroidered fabric square measuring 30 cm on each side. The square allows the user a limited version of the Prestidigitation cantrip, changing the color of the square to any their mind can imagine.

While of little interest to the layman, it is said such an object is of great use to adventurers, it’s color and placement denoting the wearer’s skills & preference in group roles.

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i got a tattoo and that's pretty rad

no follow up because everything is healing & icky.

walked ten miles yesterday for, obliquely, an art project

i am not a smart dog

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eagerly looking forward to the true cyberpunk filesharing experience of trading microSD cards full of pop culture media with all the DRM removed behind the 7-11

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anyone who uses survivors to improve their platform/only to boost themselves up but not to actually protect and support survivors is a coward and deserves nothing

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Mastodon has been a good bit of working proof of why trans people need online space without the pressure to be political 24/7.

"Death is but a door. Time is but a window. I'm gonna go inject some estradiol"

I'm not sure why all these folks who look 30 are actually 20ish, but it might be that I'm on HRT and time as it relates to age & appearance has lost all meaning to me

no no no, octopus is the singular

the proper plural is, "octopussy"

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snapping turtles are great because there's an entire group of leggy boxes that got fed up with the rest of nature's shit & became chompy boxes

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