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Holy fuckaroni and cheese its almost been a full year since I moved across the planet

I /could/ try each-site-gets-a-branch, but within each of THOSE branches I've got at least Dev/Stag/Prod, plus the intention of utilizing task/hotfix/bug branches within each of those as needed. Not to mentionn those branches you do as part of just ongoing work sometimes.
Not sure this keeps me safer from ...

(s2g if that last line sends future Bird into a fury-inspired explosive downfall hahahaha I really should have seen it coming. Sorry future me!)

Using custom scripts to manage the pipeline isn't off the table, which will hopefully solve most of the pain points people seem to take with it. And right now our web team is uuuuuuuuuh me, so while we'll be scaling eventually it's likely something that'll bring its own process improvements anyway.

So q For and savvy folx...

So I've got a core web stack (NEAP) with baseline API & DB functionality, as well as a base UI. Plan is to run multiple services using this core stack with their individual unique calls, functionality, and skins loaded on top. And for all of them to stay up to date with this core.

Everything I'm reading on submodules seems to lament its pain points though :/ And every example assumes you're implementing them with smaller-modules-youre-injecting-into-core-codebase.

me: *raises hand*

chair: yes, at the back there

me: so, theoretically, could i use crispr to make me a billion feet tall

chair: i don't think you-

me: just answer the question please

chair: sir the debate is about closing the town library

Sure I woke up hella late and am not having much luck kicking the engine over for DB work today but that there flash of light and low rumbling boom? :thumbsup_claw: ✨ Makes up for it

It's been drizzly for almost two whole weeeks now but we've FINALLY got some rollin thunder up in this party so I'm thoroughly pleased with the day now

"Hm, I wonder what error code 3 is. Lemme look it up in the documentation"

"...oh. Th... thanks?"

I have discovered something akin to that developer pain where one person solved your problem years ago, yet never said how.

I present to you, debugging an Extensively *Undocumented* component of an SDK only to find the sole mention apparently anywhere online ever was from an unrelated mention of one of the words in your own question posted a month ago

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