i needed to make a single colour design for a screenprinting workshop and somehow it manage to go off the rails

"PAUSED is the same as PLAYING but without a running clock"

I love how delightfully weird software docs sound out of their context

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

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Holy hell I *hope* I wind up in this town called moon

It is pretty neat that there's things called efficiencies here though 😃

I might finally be able to set up in a place my fids can hang out in safely and comfortably! As long as I figure out how this Living Alone thing works.

I might have made some mistakes in moving planning.

Namely leaving my car in MA, making it a biiiiit hard to get to viewings

fuck my throat feels like it's swelling and my tongue hurts and I would kill a demigod for a chance to nap and eat in peace

I love this pup but I cant give scraps.
She's just.... staring.

I'm in trouble
WOW..... WOW is fun these days o_o

Near Automato was fun as well so that'd be on the list, too

Feelin like Yakuza (0? The one with the bowling and the chicken) and Fist of the North Star are both decently interesting things to make me wanna scavenge holiday leftovers on craigslist for a ps4

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I *hate* how "Getting Drunk and Fighting Tmobile on Twitter" is starting to become a pastime for me

@tekniklr Yeah if you just heard a distant cackle that was me 😂

(More sticker goodness because)
Am no Gemini, i just like that particular sticker and I still endlessly gush over musterni-illustrates.tumblr.co

*finally* found a smaller notebook with Actual Blank Pages, no line or grid bullshit.

It even has a pen holder 😍

Got a lot left to go in my current though....

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