Think I'm starting to wake back up :)
its amazing what a good night of tabletop can do for a person

I’m angry that the industry collectively decided that authoring HTML is not the domain of Everyday People anymore.

aaaaaaaaaa making things is scary

I'll know in a day probs if this is a good kind of scary or an ohfuc kind of scary

@ultimape I haven't worked with extrapolating data into chart form before like this so novice or not all resource suggestions are extremely welcome :D The story telling approach makes a ton of sense, and adds a whole new layer to the decision making Ive got ahead of me

@ultimape I have not and this looks *perfect* :blobaww:!
Thanks a trillion yo!

hey, folks of Masto... Are there good resources for determining what sort of charts work well to show what sort of data?
I've got a bucket of data in one hand and a bucket of preeeetty charts in another, and I can work with either just fine on their own but I've got a lot to learn about combining em effectively.

Lots of pretty ideas going through behance but the data's usually not the kind of data I'm hoping to visualize @__@

anyway I got tired of not working and I wanna make myself something I can hook my own RSS feeds into, as well as my Jira stuff, fitbit progress, and my personal trello reminder list (super handy way to take a quick note.... but I never get back to readin it). Weather too, and eventually some other stuff.

Not releasing with this font/art cause I just found pics that look nice to me, like a wallpaper thing. Still just in workshoppin/testing phase too...

It's probably stil la thing and not that much harder now and it's just been a long day and my brainspace but I just wanna shove the content I want into my face however I wanna and even though I know its not the case it feels explicitly forbidden now and weeeeeeh

I know things get harder when it's been longer since you've done it,

But are like normal non-commercial building-for-self devs now just totally SOL when it comes to just querying a basic goddamn rss feed into a basic page that's not 20,000 stack layers deep

Allright, gonna show this API whose boss today

Mostly by building it

Dumpster diving in legal in Pittsburgh and I actually finally have a truck now and I am unreasonably pleased abut how these two things are gonna hopefully mean very good things for me

If I'm gonna build out this personal assistant thing I don't want "It's almost like I have a human secretary" I want "Yessss my conjured familiars feel like they're co-existing with me"

Exceptionally disappointed that in all efforts being made for more human Speech Synthesis, there seems to be neither work nor desire for inhuman voices.

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