"[roomate]'s going on A Date! Dick Acquiring Transactional Event, aka date!"

I feel like it was a good season for great monster girls

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I think the dwarf fortress dwarven pidgin language is super under rated the fact that champion, reward, and fortune are all the same root word is impressive.

Would folks who know they’ve got followers in Mid/North Wales be up for boosting?

We’re a transgender, nonbinary and questioning support and social group in #Machynlleth, trying to get off the ground. We meet fortnightly on Thursday evenings, in a wheelchair accessible hired space.

@BonusEruptus Back in the 90s there was a program you could run on your computer that would read all the webpages you went to and have a randomly chosen word of the day. If a webpage had the word on it, your screen would flash the word, music would play and the cd tray would eject and uneject itself several times.

Tonight's halloween horror story: Finally burning through tech debt, updating modules and whittling down your audit report. You get to a fairly Critical module in your build/run stack when:

So I wanted to convey that the spare slice of toast was up for grabs.

I did eventually just wander over and ask but it's very early so my first natural response was to just try carving "free" into it??
And it actually came out mostly ok?



Being obnoxious and updating all my socials with matching color goodness and i think I've stumbled upon one of my most self-descriptive pics ever


Totally forgot about And Then There Was Silence and good news it will still make me mime scream-singing along so that was a bit of pleasant nostalgia this morning

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