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When Getting implanted, there are some reasonable concerns people have. So far in my experience:
Health: ✅
TSA: ✅
reCAPTCHA: ❌⁉️‼️❓❓❓💢

Note: it's been 5 minutes since I recorded this. It's still trying to make up it's mind 😂

Anyway I didn't leave grindfest empty.... armed?

(Not a bloody pic but if subdermal implant bulging squicks you, well that's what's in this jpg bag)

As much as I despise this airline, this is a... surprising relief

I can't remember the last time I flew without a screen and face scanning cam shoved in my face.

So... bonus points (on a negative score but I have to give credit where it's due)

Fuck yeah
My amazon fire's finally useful!
Firs time I finagled a hardware short to acquire root, but it worked.
I'm free!


Can't burn out if you put the fire out ☺

Liquids are good for that yeah?

Feeling a surge of determination, and my much-loved hatoful sticker helps! Leave it to me... I got this shit!


anyway I got tired of not working and I wanna make myself something I can hook my own RSS feeds into, as well as my Jira stuff, fitbit progress, and my personal trello reminder list (super handy way to take a quick note.... but I never get back to readin it). Weather too, and eventually some other stuff.

Not releasing with this font/art cause I just found pics that look nice to me, like a wallpaper thing. Still just in workshoppin/testing phase too...

When I've already fucked with my hair but I need to aestetically fuck *something* up, my phone is there for me

Well if I can't live on a water feature, water towers are an aesthetically delightful choice instead ❤

Industry Tidbits: That feeling when a building block you're working with suddenly goes Wonk and all you can really do is ?????

Selfie, eye contact 

Kinda have fun when the mohawk misbehaves ☺

Selfie, eye contact 

might have picked the wrong season to go this short to the skull but fukkit, its refreshing

(More sticker goodness because)
Am no Gemini, i just like that particular sticker and I still endlessly gush over

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