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(More sticker goodness because)
Am no Gemini, i just like that particular sticker and I still endlessly gush over

*finally* found a smaller notebook with Actual Blank Pages, no line or grid bullshit.

It even has a pen holder 😍

Got a lot left to go in my current though....

me: So I know I wanna stay up all night and enjoy ALL the waking hours I can but yknow sleep's actually a really wis- me: Or, we can do that, brain. Sure

Roomate & I were watching a romhack with necromacning blocks and I couldn't pass up the opportunity after hearing her say this sorry not sorry

Tonight's halloween horror story: Finally burning through tech debt, updating modules and whittling down your audit report. You get to a fairly Critical module in your build/run stack when:

So I wanted to convey that the spare slice of toast was up for grabs.

I did eventually just wander over and ask but it's very early so my first natural response was to just try carving "free" into it??
And it actually came out mostly ok?

Being obnoxious and updating all my socials with matching color goodness and i think I've stumbled upon one of my most self-descriptive pics ever

Signs your gulp might have gotten away from you a bit...

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