so i like throwng together playlists of Current Hits a/d Retro Remembers (much less recently since ive been carless...) and i just noticed the pretty symmetry in the start & end (reversed) of this chapter

Leaving the husk of what would have been a *perfectly fine* coin system just adds salty insult to injury 😭

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Some corp can just cut off my laundry access and I'm shit outta luck, and because it's all private it's not an issue

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Hey Reminder that anarchist queer biohacking con in Pittsburgh is coming up!

"Please Try This at Home is a co-created conference space to explore and nerd out about the intersections of radical bodily autonomy and biotechnology."

Booze lol 

At least it's after 5 not just somewhere but specifically here

Eye contact selfie 

The guys seem pleased with the new bed sitch ☺


The best part of waking up
Pabst...? In your cup...?

ah, crap
WoW was more fun last night than it's ever been since I started fresh years ago. Lost myself to the scenery when tracking one thing down and explored a massive area, something that hasn't happened since some time before WotLK. Got me some exciting goals to work towards, things I wanna Get and Wear, systems and secrets to learn... looks like I'm back on my bullshit etc

Need more doodle time

Need more project time too but also need more doodle time

The PA Birding Email list I'm on always brightens my morning

There's just something endearing about all the ones he made sure to add the exclamation mark to! I can absolutely see him grinning in bemusement at what he created for his stash.

Weed mention 

Going through dad's dvd stash and

So the RSBP is starting it's Annual Swift Sighting Survey which I totally support and this is in no way a knock on them.
Genuinely, absolutely cherish just how sinister this specific bird image is 💖🖤💖

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