Real fucking cyberpunk isn't an overpaid security guard with more toys than a personal best buy. THIS is. Ignored By Big Telecom, Detroit's Marginalized Communities Are Building Their Own Internet

@Birdmachine Mesh networks are honestly amazing, but sadly it's hard to make non-techsavy people create them, unless it's literally something like "install shit from appstore or google play"

@Birdmachine This is wonderful -- and what we'll all need to start doing with the loss of net neutrality

@Birdmachine And this is where others will go to spite the Big Media Companies who "own" gateways and telecom lines that give us access to the internet. :P Especially if Net Neutrality doesn't get the support it needs in US Congress.

@Birdmachine everything old is new again. Fidonet?

Remember ideas of wifi community usenet servers. Raspberrry pi. bit of storage, battery, solar power. Or the linux computer in a power wall wart. Just plug it into a socket in a janitor's cupboard and walk away.

Remember throwies? Ecologically unsound but fun little packages of magnet, battery, led[1]. These things should have some IoT smarts by now.

Throwies really needed a joule thief circuit and a timer. Years of once a minute flashes.

@jbond @Birdmachine

Old tech still very much valuable. Pakistan is being shutdown again, phones still work so dialup has a lot of value. Dunno if anyone still running modembanks though.

@Birdmachine Community wireless was huge around Y2K, but stalled in most US cities in the face of cheap cable access. In places with no other option, it never went away.

Now fiber and gigabit wireless links are within the means of community scale projects. And we have Masto to run on the intranets. 😜

If net neutrality gets gutted, maybe it's finally time to build another network.

@Birdmachine I really really want to learn more practical knowledge about wireless networking. I've begged the local fixed wireless ISP to take me as an intern or something but they never even respond.

@Birdmachine sorry, you lost me at “overpaid” and “security guard” in the same sentence.

@Birdmachine Detroit is amazing and I love how residents are really leading on making it a better place to live where major companies are ignoring them.

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