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LOL I cant wait to see what permissions this thing is gonna demand

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Some corp can just cut off my laundry access and I'm shit outta luck, and because it's all private it's not an issue


Leaving the husk of what would have been a *perfectly fine* coin system just adds salty insult to injury 😭

@Birdmachine hmm, if use of these facilities is mentioned in your lease and the requirement to have a smartphone to use them is not specified, that seems very fishy to me, a non lawyer

@fresh_newlook Lol the lease directly contradicts itself constantly.

We aren't allowed any wall attachments. This not only covers nails/hooks but even explicitly prohibits those sticky hooks.

We are required to install and provide curtains for all exterior windows. Makeshift solutions including those involving sheets are specifically prohibited

@fresh_newlook Id like to know how one installs these curtains without anything installed on the walls buuuuuuuut shrug XD

@Birdmachine "enjoy this new convenient way to do laundry" (that we totally didn't make using the cheapest possible 3rd party developer who wine'd-and-dine'd one of the owners and wow'd them with the power of "SMART PHONES")

I bet the company that makes that gets a cut of each transaction and are rolling in bank.

@Birdmachine I can't do public laundry machine due to extreme reactions to soaps. This is on my wishlist for when I eventually move out from here:

Needs a bit of elbow grease, but it does both washing and spin-drying and isn't that bad.

There are also some small form factor electric washer-dryer combos you can get that are apartment friendly. The electricity costs end up adding up to the same as going to a laundromat even considering load sizes.

@Birdmachine It is basically a high temperature high capacity salad spinner with a drain. Theoretically can make your own if you've got access to a shop space, but might be hard to build the gearing.

Thy also have one at home-depot near where I live if you're not a fan of amazon.

No shitty cellphone app required.

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