One of the best feelings known to humanity:
When you think you've slept in through 1 in the afternoon, only to discover it's actually only 1am and you have *so* much more time to sleep :black_sparkles_outline:

makingg a phone out of a radio chipset from a 2003 nokia five arduinos an led that flashes morse code and dip switches. fuk u

Humans weren't designed to go too long without sitting in silence and staring at a fire

The sole remaining employee of myspace is in a room somewhere, rubbing their hands together going "Here we go, second chance"

*meets any couple*

which one of you is a ball of social anxieties spending the next year or two getting over the rest of their gender shit, and which one of you is two cats, a pile of old computers, and a video game series that nobody else plays any more?

I wonder how easy it would be to fork something like masto and just massage aspects of it to better suit Tumblr-style production/consumption

Cause hhhhhhh that'd be pretty neat

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S: "We'll Do... Cyberpunk Sundays!"
Me: ...
S: ".... On A Monday!"
Me: ...
Me: "It's Tuesday?"
S: "Well then we're all going to be *very* disoriented"

me: So I know I wanna stay up all night and enjoy ALL the waking hours I can but yknow sleep's actually a really wis- me: Or, we can do that, brain. Sure

Roomate & I were watching a romhack with necromacning blocks and I couldn't pass up the opportunity after hearing her say this sorry not sorry

jfc Just realized the 21st is Wednesday, not Thursday
So, tomorrow's my last day here till March... probably

stateside in 3 days and I'm trying so hard not to freak out

"[roomate]'s going on A Date! Dick Acquiring Transactional Event, aka date!"

I feel like it was a good season for great monster girls

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