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Cool Kids Never Die we just fail to check ourselves before wrecking ourselves and curl up in the hangover bins and die inside a little more

Normally I can just sleep and mope and masturbate it away but hey I guess the people who actually have rooms still wanna hang out here so I'm just, lump mode hiding under a blanket

I've been doing allright not having a room of my own and livin in the lounge room but, today is especially rough givenethis awful hangover πŸ˜₯

So reisen is goku and marisa is vegita right?

Got this notebook as a freebie and like, its shiny as hell 😍🌈

Hate that its branded for SingularityU, but I can mask that with stickers. Thinking a nice logo right in the middle there.

Not sure itll be easy to switch to a smaller format though?

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Chatted with mum today about the birdsons. And it turns out she ADORES them! She;s been so happy to have them around to talk to when she;s home alone, and they greet her when she comes home after work and she *Loves* it :D Even hinds Tarkus' late night snoring adorable, and their personalities are endearing :)

I'm so happy that's going well. For not really being Animal people, she's really loving their company :D

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u were so preoccupied browsing wikihow u never stopped to think if u should browse wikishould

/gif of deku shield surfing on all the mines

The more I research how to do X in postgreSQL the more I find I love it <3

Next quick project for asap: one of those crystally LED necklaces but light enough to light my keyboard in the dark πŸ‘ŒπŸ’»βœ¨βœ¨β­πŸŒŒ

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Bonus Round: One that sets your implant into an "Easter Egg" mode that reports Perfectly Faked but Perfectly Healthy looking metrics to your insurance co