aspects of birds:

1: pretty

2: talons

3: good noises

4: screaming chaotic gremlins

5: tweet tweet uvu

Leaving the husk of what would have been a *perfectly fine* coin system just adds salty insult to injury 😭


Some corp can just cut off my laundry access and I'm shit outta luck, and because it's all private it's not an issue

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Fuck how have I not given Jaguar Love a shot yet

Take me to the Sea has such a good brain feel rn

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Aaaaaa My First RPG, first game I Bought for Myself, first big title I really sank *time* into and Loved it So Much....
Remake is Out on the Casually Easy to Consume Platform I specifically have for stress balancing and for Beautifully Cheap but I still can't quite get

THe grabby hands feel so real

code/art jam idea: we all put our unused domains into a hat, randomly pick one, and have to build whatever we feel belongs there

LRT gonna propose this for our release plan docs (or maybe just change it* and see if anyone notices)

*(I'd make backups I'm not a monster!)

can every firefox from now on be v69.X?

Feels like... if humans are an i7 birds are an i3 but the size of an ATmega32u4 somehow and we just don't know

Might be having a good time picking through another bird paper

Not only do they have a primate-like number of neurons, they apparenty evolved a specific, previously unrecognized cerebrotype

most of the Bird videos and docus I find are rather Dry, Focused exclusively on Hey Guys They're Smart, or going on about what wondrous mysterious creatures doth glint in our paths without ever detailing the neat crunchy biological neatness

Gimmie something like fun Game Design Analysis except instead of how spiro's lead in frames enhance the sense of speed tell me about Temporal Resolution and how Birds physically experience life at a higher frame rate, Processing Audio and Video info fast as all hell

I was being facetious but the lack of *crunchy* fun ornithology videos compared to media analysis leaves me wanting.

a tube channel like the ones breaking down filmography and game design and elements of writing and music

Except I gush about another neat thing about birds for twenty minutes.

Every few months I get all worked up about some particular breed oddity and lose my shit for an hour and ten minute long Big One

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