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aggretsuko so far feels like such a personal call out from my early 20s and I am so in Goddamn love so far


Every day this week ive said ill get up earlier I've ended up.waking up even later and by Friday its 10 and aaaaaaaaaaa

Rise and shi-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I'm *far* from mastery, but hot damn is it rewarding to actually feel that mastery grow, and feel how much it has since a few years back

I've returned to the point in life where troubleshooting my linux system through 1am actually feels rewarding again.

Especially after so many research threads ended in people just giving up and nuking it all, for something I KNOW I can fix I just need some direction.

Feeling far more competent and capable in this zone than I did even a year ago 💪

BirdMachine relayed
BirdMachine relayed

TIL There’s a “FlopStarter” for terrible ideas:

Some of these are awesome. My favorite so far is the potato jacket

/me scowls and swings at the air, hitting absolutely nothing but falling off balance and landing on my ass, staring angrily at the sky for hours

Got some of my pics uploaded to my Insta! <- one of a handful

Uuuuuuggggggghhhhhh I just want one day to rest please

tcpdump sure has some uh opinions at me today


that redbull was a bad idea

When you settle in expecting to be thrashing your keyboard till 3 am and then midnight hits but you're..... done with the thing?

This feels wrong?

Where the bug?! I KNOW it's hiding and waiting! :suspicious-bird-glare:

I am arguing with heroku and postgres FAR more than i cared to tonight. Or ever, really 😰

Is cybornithomancy a mouthful?

Still blanking if I wanna re-start BlackBoxJack or if there's another name I'd rather Start Fresh with.

Turned 29 a few days ago & I'm a few months into living on the opposite hemisphere from where home used to be; left everything behind to follow my dreams and essentially start a new life for myself, so a new blog/site name SEEMS fitting.

And yet... haven't found something I like the mouth-feel of enough to pick up and run with.

Maybe diving through my old (and 1st *FINISHED* notebook) will help