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TIL you can ask starbucks for like 5 shots of espresso just straight in a cup 💞 sweet!

Well not sweet its actually p gross but it's not like that's why im getting this anyway soooooooo

Five minutes into packing and there has already been a Glitter Incident

Working till 5 am = just enough time left to pack to bolt for defcon by 7 yeah?

LRB No Style is a thing on most & I'm gonna have a horrifying / fun evening with this newfound power

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My new favourite thing is discovering you can offer alternative stylesheets for your website without JavaScript:

If you're using firefox, hit F10 then go to View > Page Style to select the alternate sheets on that site.

Me: "Well that's about as far as I can get with C World till we get the new hardware. Guess I'll check back in on the WebDev World and my NEAP stack an-"

Webdev World: "Oh hey yeah a core part of your stack hit LTS last month so it looks like it's time to rebuild!"

Me: "........ :oh_no:"

Almost impressed with how tired I've been

Can birds even get eye bags?

Guess I'm findin out

Driving through the part of town I first lived in when I moved here and my heart straight up aches a bit

New colleagues at work today and we're moving labspace and holy fuck I'm tired but there's no time to rest just yet 💪✨

Me: "Y'know, there's a lot of stuff I wish I could have brought with me from Webdev World to this C World stuff I think I'm starting to grok..."

C world:
*all new Compiler Releases!*
*all new library additions!*
*all new Library!*
*all new SDK*
*all new softdevice SDK*
*all ne-

Me: 😢 😂 :oh_no:

Maybe I'll revamp the site further and just stand up a gopher site I occasionally update the hard way

Finally got a new host for putting my site back up but, between the con, the deadline, and increasing likelyhood of moving back to the US in the next 4 months, I'm not all that confident in uhhhh getting much else done 😅

Someday I'll translate this scribbly notebook of mine into potentially neat stuff but till then...

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phones, 2011: had replaceable batteries and expandable storage, didn't explode, QA issues were worked out before release

phones, 2018: nothing is replaceable, nothing is expandable, the damn things explode, the damn things are liable to come apart in your hand and you'll be told you were holding it wrong

ᵈᵒⁿᵗ ᵏⁿᵒʷ ʰᵒʷ ᶦᵐ ᵍᵒⁿⁿᵃ ᶜᵒⁿ ᵐᵒᵈᵉ ᶦⁿ ˡᵉˢˢ ᵗʰᵃⁿ ᵃ ʷᵉᵉᵏ ʷʰᵉⁿ ᶦ ᶜᵃⁿᵗ ᵉᵛᵉⁿ ʰᵘᵐᵃⁿ ˡᵃᵗᵉˡʸ ᵇᵘᵗ ᶦ ᵍᵘᵉˢˢ ᵂᵉ'ˡˡ ˢᵉᵉ

Problem with large open common rooms in shared apartments:

One cannot simply duck out of the room or shuffle on to something else; it's now a Journey you must Embark on to go away

Bathroom aside, our 1st floor is essentially all open, bonus high ceiling. I tend to pop in and out of spaces and conversations but here it feels so awkward to just....... Silently Begin The Walk Away but I'm a goddamn graceless goof who just has to mumble about a thing she's gonna go do before scurrying off 😂😅😥

Upsides: I'd have my featherSons back, I could look into more rural/homesteading options, itd be easier to hit my con circuit, and I could pop over to the compound in tehachapi more often...

Gonna deal with however this falls but man, kinda bummed that I'd be dragged back in :/