One thing I can only ever really get on hellbird and nowhere else: the joy in smacking down sockpuppets when I rant about their hired airline

While I DO wish my first case of account-jacked reverse shopping fraud happened on Navient instead of Wish, I'm Pretty pleased to get store credit out of it. Confused. As all hell. But pleased?

The screen's... all right?
Wait no there it goes... but it's blocky black and white flickering instead? And it dosen't white out so fast???

I... I'm assuming it's how the driver handles the failing connection but I was *really* confused for a while ._.

Pressure on lid = screen rapidly fills with white lines, whites out. Fixed if I close, let it turn off, then reopen. Checked the cable but it seemed attached fully, but there's a breakage somewhere.

It's on my repair list but she's fine as my main machine again meanwhile. Perfect time to get a fresh setup going! Loaded up lubuntu...

It's really odd watching the thing you knew as a hardware bug suddenly manifest in software

mmmmmmgotta get work done
I really needa better ramp-into-work process

Once I get going it's all zyoooom for the next few hours but that Get Going step's harder each time I think I've got it sorted.
I Can plan all I want but the doing never wants to stop buffering

"It is the epitome of piss poor planning if you accidentally make a convention that is too fucking big for the community it supports"

That *is* nasty, right? It's not me reading too much into it?

Ruin my home life: Meh
Say nasty shit about friends: I WILL F I T E YOU

ahahaha and just got in a row with a roomate on facebook so, this will be a wonderful day

adulthood really is going back and enjoying all that music you thought you weren't supposed to like unironically

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I like how demons say “who summons me?” when appearing in a summoning circle, implying that they’re just going into this shit totally blind, just completely YOLOing it.

PA's been nice to me but there's so, so much about my current housing That's basically the opposite of ideal

There's a lot I could be furious about, and righteous so. But that's like..... energy? And effort? And Discomfort and complication? On top of Everything else in my life I need to spend myself on.

I have my room, I can keep to my 70 sq. ft box and hide away from some of it.
Just Ten Months to go till I can try again

When your roomates *scream* at the dog for the first Bark, during the day when Noises Happen in an apartment.
and they're... yknow.... a dog.

And then Scream at LOL at all hours of the day at max volume.

these English words do not rhyme

they do not sound anything alike


these English words all rhyme

which means they sound exactly the same except for the initial consonant


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listen yall i am Cancelling the word "creepypasta" its 2019

instead may i suggest

Fettucine Afraido

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