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so i like throwng together playlists of Current Hits a/d Retro Remembers (much less recently since ive been carless...) and i just noticed the pretty symmetry in the start & end (reversed) of this chapter

SHit I love hte idea of a reberthing god as technology (doing an continuation of American Gods and GottaGush Sorry) (maybe new account for this?)

eventually I'ma export all my social network logs over the past 10-20 years and map activity like heartbeats of MEs

yknow, Started a fresh feacebook... maybe a frest hellbird and..... jack? I'm so behind on the nominclature here is it still pingtoots?

Shit... It's been a hot miniue.

Might finally be coming back online this time

Finally got tusky back

Really aughtta be here more maybe

To have a room where I can have something as luxurious as a Light if I stay up super late.... ah a girl can dream

Feels like I've shed off a crusty skin. Cocoon. Shell. Something. Like everything I was has either been lost or broken or stolen or burned. And the burning remains are only reaching a smoulder now
but the soil's already richer

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The now's pretty shit but I could get used to this delightful anticipation

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this whole place and space is really breaking down but even with all the shit going sideways and things going wrong I'm..

Not only am I not spiraling. I'm actually *very* excited for what's around the corner! Like, enthusiastically hopeful and optimistic?

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I am exceptionally not ready to have to switch into ON mode tomorrow am and Be On for half a month straight but

maybe being forced to is gonna be the thing I need?

And now it sounds like my offer to help (w something that really shouldn't need it) has without my knowledge sprraled into buying extra plane tickets and lost weekends and *twelve hours* of driving minimum just to get my additional hands present instead of remote for a few hours

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A surprise six hour drive to virginia is not what I wanted to hear was now waiting for me today. The only day in
Months I've been able tho truly set asside for digging myself out of my garbage dump. And after pounding all the redbull to stay up and do it onlyeto have to now sleeep, fail to because duh, and sleep in where I've got barely time to get ready...


Starting to think I'm ready to to come to terms with the fact that I'm not actually fighting burnout; I already burned out months ago, and still haven't recovered. I need to think on it but, maybe that's what all this is

kik, horny 

I only logged on to gush about these sick as hell chicken winges with my good pal, *CHAD*, and not gush on cam about the fifty shitty dickpiks ya shot I haven't gtten to yet.

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kik, horny 

Fuckity fucklesause n cheese That was like the One app I had all my fet/ph/etc chatter on

I just feel better keeping that network of accounts in their own... ecosystem? Contained in a way that lets me engage it at will, as opposed to bleeding in alongside friends in what's often my main line to some of them. Even just alongside idle chitchat.

Leaving the husk of what would have been a *perfectly fine* coin system just adds salty insult to injury 😭

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