My old college desktop's been in my truck over a month now I think,
So much to do before I can bring more shit in though.

So of course, yknow, I prioritized my home rig

Finally made a ton of progress getting my whole home system set up ☺ lotta compatibility issues with some of my usual software so far in ubuntu 19, but it's actually been nice tn stop and check in on other options

Expecting one of my colleagues to bring it back on their next trip, buuuuut there's a good chance I'm thus bassless till Defcon.
Money's tight and Uke's are cheep and a shitty used bass might be too and it's taking a Lot of energy to try holding out

Ok the Ukulele doesn't really have the Range I'm looking for,
But my bass Darling's still in Australia q_q

Let's see how often I mess up a signle toot in the AM

Three! Three Time I mess up! Ah Ah Ah!

The PA Birding Email list I'm on always brightens my morning

Well not "down" I'm just kinda unable to really use em for much, which means my whole left side can't do much

So,currently being gentle with my left leg hip-to-heel after liteFucking up my knee near the bendy bit earlier. Also being quite gentle with my left arm,also healing close to the bends

About to slide into the middle of the year down two limbs it seems :mario_flop:

Accidental injury, bad fiist aid, all's fine tho Show more

Accidental injury, bad fiist aid, all's fine tho Show more

Tiring as it is to be owning the full web stack at my co, It's satisfying AF to take new features through every layer, watching it come together :D

.... Kinda wonder what the four elements could be replaced with, now. And the kind of Instrument Solos thay'd involve

a remake of Singing and the Glass Guitar except the glass guitar's the tech industry now instead

Brought to you by instinctively hearing a wee Scottish fairy scream smashitsmashiTSMASHITSMASHIT every time a Break Up Big Tech post crosses my path

Sure I've been itching to find new people and new places now that I'm in a new place but

but I've been making friends with my bed instead and my goodness it's almost embarrassing how much we hang out together and yet I love it

I know I'll feel better once Im out, but

mmmmmmneed to stop getting my party on Sun & Mon instead of the weekend 😪

Is there a couth way to tell your friends that their mutual partner miiiiiight be a shitlord & theyre better off without her?

Asking for, well, friends

Do goldfish just not exist in the state of Pennsylvania or...?

adding kupo to the end of anything crass makes it instantly hilarious

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