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Commissions are open! Additional charges may apply for backgrounds, robots, and complicated armor/clothing. Reference pages, comic pages, and anything unlisted all priced on a case-by-case basis; feel free to message me for a quote!

Payment will be accepted through PayPal; half up-front and half after completion. All prices are intended for non-commercial use.

Message for quotes/questions, or email at rin.venieris @ gmail.

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pink crystals for Aftertile, partially made on stream yesterday #pixelart #mastoart

In awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.


Better Everyday is a miniseries from Stipes Radio about mental health. This isn’t a cohesive guide, but it’s a start.

Content Warning: Mental Health, discussions of Assault and Bigotry, Politics.

Chapter two of Better Everyday: Image. Your own image, the acceptance of it, the exploration of it, and why it’s mostly bullshit. @shel and @chosafine talk that and more.

Better Everyday II: Image


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Going into withdrawal from not putting anything online in like two days so have some NPCs from a campaign I ran a few months back.

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Let sleeping dogs lie. Then let them have a friend request i fucking love board games

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Hhhhh I don't WANNA be at work! We're just gonna end up closing early anyway >>:c