So at this point I'm pretty sure I'm not getting my last damage deposit back (with no explanation), and I have to decide how much effort it's worth to try and get blood from that particular stone


I mean at least having dealt with her for 6 years I already assumed the money was long since spent and she'd try to handwave away returning it, so I'm not relying on getting it but like

then I know she'll just try it on the next tenants too

@BeerFox Write a registered letter asking for a detailed explanation? Our last landlady had some fairly bogus (and a few legit) claims made, and I suspect they have to be forced to itemize the security deposit, but I dunno MA state law.

@Chiaroscuro They are, but that gets back to how much effort I want to put in. Knowing her, I'm pretty sure it'd go:
- I send request for official damages
- She responds claiming we're responsible for everything wrong in a 100+ year old house and so no deposit left
- I take her to small claims, win
- She has no liquid assets, so collecting becomes a nightmare

@BeerFox @Chiaroscuro take her to small claims anyway tbh, you’re more likely to win than she is and like.... even if you can’t get all of it you’ve made her waste her time 👀

@catgoat @Chiaroscuro
Yeah, I guess that's the main thing making me want to . At least give her some hassle so she may think twice on the next tenant

@BeerFox I guess on the upside, you're free from that crap forever now. Now *you* get to be the evil landlord. :3

@gc She's actually our primary motivation to be the Best Landlords Ever(tm) :3

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